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Advantages and Disadvantages of an Open Concept Style for your Floor Plan

Having an open concept style for your floor plan has become a trend in the last few years. The open concept combines multiple rooms in a single living space. For example, an open concept main floor would have a kitchen, dining room and living room in one shared space. Usually, deciding whether the open concept style suits your needs would be a first step in creating your home's design and wish list. At Sunset Homes, we have put together a list of advantages and disadvantages of the open concept style to help you select the most suitable option for your lifestyle.

Connecting with the outdoors

Nowadays custom luxury homes use an open space style to create a sense of even more space by connecting the outdoor living spaces with the indoors. Using floor to ceiling windows has become the best way to do this. It gives a much larger look to your home and eliminates barriers to being able to enjoy the view of the outdoors. One of the main advantages of having an open space concept in a home is that it creates a sense of openness. The downside of being connected to outdoor living spaces might be having less privacy.

Fewer walls

As this concept does not include many interior walls and usually includes floor to ceiling windows and glass doors, you can enjoy more natural light at home, and potentially save in electricity during summer, enjoying as much as possible the daylight during winter. The main disadvantage of having fewer walls might be having less space for art and wall decoration.

Efficient use of space

For many homeowners having the living room and kitchen integrated provides a more inviting environment than the two separated areas, meaning that the open layout could make the task of entertaining guests easier. Also, moving furniture within this area becomes a less complicated task. Nevertheless, the open concept style might mean more noise in the multiple room area as well, so developing tasks that require concentration could be more challenging.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

The pros of having an open concept floor plan for your custom home are that it will allow you to connect with your outdoor living spaces, take advantage of all the square footage of your home, making it visually larger, providing more room to entertain your guests and share time with your family. The cons would be having less privacy from the outdoors, less space for decoration or art, and fewer spaces to escape to. 

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