Latest Kitchen Trends for Modern Custom Homes

Published July 23, 2021.
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The latest kitchen trends for modern custom homes. Bold backsplashes, marble accents, bright and unique colours, functional additions, large pantries and connecting inside to the outdoors are all trending in modern custom kitchen design.

What’s Trending in Kitchens for Modern Custom Homes?

The kitchen has transformed into a space that is no longer just for cooking; it is a space for entertaining, bringing families together, and multi-purpose uses. Modern custom kitchens have spacious, comfortable and functional designs. The kitchen has truly become the centre of the home, your Calgary custom home builder can help you design the best kitchen for your family.  At Sunset Homes, we have seen many kitchen trends arise in modern custom homes

Make a Statement with Bold Custom Backsplashes

Kitchens are becoming less traditional and introducing more statement pieces. If you love unique patterns and textures, we recommend playing with custom backsplashes. Fun tile patterns are in! Can you picture a herringbone or geometric pattern? Are you bold enough to consider a distinctive wallpaper design for your backsplash? You can have so much fun with your backsplashes. Your Calgary custom home builder can help you select the perfect backsplash to match your personality and unique taste!

Think Marble in Your Custom Modern Kitchen

Heavily veined marble is trending for a luxury look throughout the home. Your Calgary custom home builder can help you incorporate marble to make a statement. We’ve seen it on countertops, flooring and backsplashes. It is a sustainable and durable product that adds an eye-catching look to custom modern kitchens. Can you picture marble features in your custom kitchen?

Play With Colours in Your Custom Modern Kitchen

Expressive and unique touches of colour are trending in custom modern kitchens. We have seen lots of kitchens that subtly incorporate colour where the majority of the cabinetry takes on a gray hue, while the island cabinetry showcases beautiful blues or greens.

Are you bold enough to incorporate black into your custom kitchen design? Your Calgary custom home builder can help you design a distinctive kitchen that features black cabinetry with metallic hardware. This colour scheme is growing in popularity, showcasing that you can get creative when designing your custom kitchen.  Check out our blog 3 Things to Consider When Selecting Kitchen Cabinetry and Door Hardware to get excellent ideas.

Functional Additions are Trending in Modern Custom Kitchens

Style is important, but so is functionality! Your Calgary custom builder can help you create a modern kitchen that implements many functional additions. Pot fillers make pasta night easy! Consider incorporating a built-in pot filler by your stove. Prep sinks are growing in popularity as well; these small sinks are positioned strategically so you aren’t running back and forth across the kitchen.

Smart technology is a helpful addition we’ve seen in custom kitchens. Your Calgary custom home builder can guide you through selecting the perfect smart appliances for you. Nowadays, there are fridges that can send you grocery reminders and coffee makers are getting better and better at automation.

Calgary Infill Homes are Including Super Pantries

Kitchens require storage space, why not build a large pantry to accommodate this with your Calgary custom home builder? A walk-in pantry design and large cabinet space are in for pantries! We have seen pantries that showcase small fridges and drawers with cutting tables to help with prep and storage away from the kitchen. We have seen custom ladders that can roll around pantries to reach each shelf!

Connecting to the Outdoors in Your Custom Modern Kitchen Design

For those who love to entertain, kitchens that transition easily into the outdoor spaces of the home are trending. We’ve seen kitchens with large glass doors that pull aside or garage-style doors that connect inside and out. If you are the type who loves to cook outdoors in the summer, take a look at our blog on outdoor kitchens here. Your Calgary custom home builder can help you create a design that allows you to enjoy the summer months in your custom home.

When designing a custom modern kitchen, Sunset Homes is here for you every step of the way!

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