Top Design Ideas for a Games Room in Your Custom Home Build 

Published July 16, 2021.
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A guide for designing a distinctive games room in your custom home build or major renovation. Consider layout, lighting, sound system, storage space, and unique design ideas.

We love the idea of building a custom games room to let your inner child shine! Your Calgary custom home builder can help you build the games room of your dreams. Do you like to play pool, poker or ping pong? Are you a bowling lover? Have you always imagined an old-school arcade room in your home or a video game sanctuary? Do you want to practice your golf swing indoors? Whatever you want, we can help you make it happen.

The Layout is Important for Your Custom Games Room

Your Calgary home builder will be able to help you design the perfect layout for all your wishes. Depending on the type of games room you’re looking for, you will need to accommodate the space in your custom home layout. Determine what activities you will be doing in your custom games room and discuss the perfect size for your layout with your Calgary custom home builder. If you opt for a bowling alley or golf simulator you will need a large amount of space for this in your custom home design. Commercial bowling alleys are generally 60 feet long by 42 inches wide.

If you want a games room that accommodates many activities, we recommend breaking your space up into zones. Zone 1 may be your poker area which requires a table and chairs. Zone 2 may be arcade games which we recommend lining up along a wall. Zone 3, a pool table, remember you will need space on either side for shooting. Your Calgary custom home builder can help you set up a perfectly zoned custom games room.

Play With Lighting in Your Custom Games Room Design

The games room is a perfect space to have fun with unique features. Our favorite option for those who want their custom games room to shine is LED smart lighting. This lighting option is energy efficient and allows you to play around with lighting colours to match your mood. Your Calgary custom home builder can recommend options where the bulbs are controlled by remote controls, voice commands and/or your phone. We’ve seen options where you can transition colours at different times set on a timer.  We love it! What colour lighting would you choose for family game night?

If the colour-changing LED smart lighting isn’t your style, your Calgary custom home builder can help you select the perfect lighting fixtures for your custom games room. For those who are looking to install a golf simulator, lighting is important for visibility. Your Calgary custom home builder will ensure your fixtures and potlights are positioned for task lighting.

Sound System Options for Your Custom Games Room

If you need a sound system for your video games, or to play background music your Calgary custom home builder can set you up with the perfect system. Built-in ceiling speakers are a great option for getting a surround sound effect; they can be strategically placed around your games room. They also offer a great option for the visual look of your room, as there aren’t any pesky cords that you need to find a way to hide.

We recommend smart technology devices that allow you to use voice control on your speakers. Amazon Echo, Google Home or Sonos are great options for your custom sound system. Your Calgary custom home builder will help you create the perfect sound system designed for your needs.

Think Custom Built-Ins for Storage Space in Your Games Room Design

Custom built-ins for storage are a great option for your games room design. You can utilize built-ins in your design to create a feature wall that allows for functionality and style. If you have lots of board games you want to show off, why not incorporate built-in cabinetry with glass doors so that you can show off your collection? Whatever your needs are for storage space, Sunset Homes can help you design custom built-ins tailored to you.

Unique Design Ideas in a Custom Games Room

Some unique design ideas to consider for your games room:

  • Themed Room: Are you a die-hard fan of a certain movie, video game, or book series? Do you love the 70s or 80s and want a design to match that? Your Calgary custom home builder can help you incorporate design features that make your dream theme shine.
  • Indoor/Outdoor: If you love to entertain, consider a large garage-style or glass door to connect indoor and outdoor spaces. Click here to check out our blog about building a custom outdoor kitchen to get more ideas on entertaining spaces.
  • Furniture: Go for some unique seating ideas! Large plush chairs or sectionals. Play with fabrics; why not try a vintage-style velvet sofa? Have fun with your decor and furniture to match your custom style.
  • Food and Drinks: Consider an area for serving beverages or snacks. For those who want a poker room, why not pair it with a custom bar area? Click here to check out our blog on custom wine and spirits rooms for more tips.

Let yourself have fun with the design of your custom games room! Working with an award-winning custom builder like Sunset Homes will help you create the space of your dreams.

If you are considering building a custom games room and want your design to truly shine, contact Sunset Homes today.

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