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Custom Home Builder Tips for Building your Forever Home

Every day, more homeowners are getting increasingly interested in building a custom home instead of buying an already existing property to renovate it later. Of course, the type of each custom home depends on the needs and goals of every homeowner. For example, there are starter homes for young people who want to have a first custom property, others are reduced units for seniors who wish to downsize, others are investment properties to be sold, and others are forever homes. As its name suggests, forever homes are properties where homeowners plan to stay for many years and where they can picture themselves growing old and raising a family.

Needless to say, this is probably one of the most important investments in one’s lifetime. If you are considering building a forever home, it is essential that you look for the proper guidance of a professional custom home builder in Calgary that can provide you with the best advice and expertise so you can materialize the home you have always dreamed of.

In our long experience as Calgary infill home builders, we have built many forever homes, and we know it can be an overwhelming but truly worthwhile experience. Today, we have prepared some tips that we consider essential for building your forever home in Calgary.

If you are Building your Forever home, then you Need to Choose a Forever Location

We always stress the importance of choosing the right location when buying either an empty lot or an already existing home. This factor becomes even more relevant if you are choosing the land to build your forever home. Take into account that this is the place where you will live for many years and where your life as a senior will take place.

We suggest you always ask for the help of your chosen Calgary home builder, even at this early stage of your project, by explaining your current and potential future lifestyle. For example, if you have young children now, you should focus on the proximity of schools. But you should also take into account that when getting older you may want to reduce your driving time so you will probably want to be near restaurants, supermarkets, grocery stores, and hospitals.

Thinking about your Needs while Building your Forever Home

As the bespoke Calgary inner city home builder, we can assure without any doubt that building a new home is deeply related to the current lifestyle of each homeowner. You should always build a home taking into account what kind of place you want to live in, how many family members will inhabit the space and how will you use each room. These are your current needs. But when building your custom forever home, you also need to take into account your potential future needs.

With this, we are not implying that you carefully plan the next twenty years of your life as this is, of course, an overwhelming thought and we are aware that plans can change at any point in life. We are suggesting that you take into account any home basics that will help you to have a better experience when your needs change over time. You should pay particular attention to the way you create your kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom, laundry room and exteriors, as these are the areas which use changes dramatically as homeowners age.

Looking for The Perfect Amount of Space to Age Well at your Forever Home

As professional Calgary custom home builders with many years of experience, we know that eventually, everyone will want to move to their last home to grow older, enjoy retiree life and gather the family for the holidays. That is why it is essential to think very carefully about the size of your property. Many young homeowners end up building large properties that will later be too hard to maintain when they become empty-nesters, while elder ones downsize so much that they then realize they can't entertain guests anymore.

We suggest our homeowners look for the middle ground. A well-planned forever home is the home that offers enough space to live comfortably according to its homeowner's lifestyle, but that requires low maintenance over time. Think about the lifestyle that you want to have and design your forever home according to it. Maybe you would love to have extra bedrooms to host your children or grandchildren during the holidays, but you don't need to have a bunch of unused rooms. A great idea is to have a multipurpose room ―maybe a home office or craft room― that transforms into a bedroom when needed.

Planning for Good Mobility and Accessibility for your New Custom Home

One of the most critical aspects of a forever home is the mobility and accessibility they will provide to homeowners in the future. It is a fact that as we age, our mobility and that of our friends is more limited. That is why it is essential to plan for more accessible spaces at your home. One smart move among many homeowners is to ask their home builder in Calgary to create an open floor layout that will not only work out as the property ages, but that is also a huge current trend due to its functionality.

It is also vital to add large doorways, walkways, and hallways that are great for both strollers and wheelchairs. Some homeowners even opt for building a one-storey home to limit the number of stairs. But if you love the two-storey look, then go for it but thinking about the potential functionality it can have. This means planning for the first floor to have enough space to have all the essential living spaces ―master suite and bathroom, kitchen, living and dining rooms― if necessary. As you grow older, the second storey can be used for extra bedrooms and a playroom for your grandchildren. Another good idea is to align closets on both storeys in case you may want to install an elevator in some years.

Don’t Forget about your Future Custom Home Looks and Maintenance

In many cases, homeowners build their forever home with aesthetics in mind. This is a good idea as the style of your overall property is something you will have to live with for many years. Of course, you can change your home decoration and even room use in the future, but the truth is that the structure and layout of the home must keep its charm over time. As experienced Calgary custom home builders, we suggest you go for timeless finishes that will pass the test of time. Without compromising your taste, also consider neutral materials and simple structural components.

Another essential aspect that you shouldn't neglect is the maintenance of your forever home. When discussing your project with your chosen Calgary home builder, prioritize the durability and maintenance of your future home. This means you may need to invest in high-quality and low maintenance materials and finishes that are more expensive, but that will save you money in the long run. Pay particular attention to the finishes you choose for your kitchen ―especially your countertops― and your floors, which should be comfortable and non-slip.

Bonus Ideas to Age in Your Calgary Custom Home

Finally, there are some specific tips that you should discuss with your Calgary custom home builder when planning your forever home. One of them is considering tiny details that are very important as people age, for example, preferring lever-type door handles instead of small knobs, as they are easier for both elders and children. The same happens with paddle-style faucet handles, which are more user-friendly.

Another good idea that becomes a game changer for many senior homeowners is to locate the washer and dryer near bedrooms and bathrooms, instead of putting them in the basement. When it comes to the kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, we recommend you consider installing more drawers than doors as they provide easier access. Try also to think about how hard it can become to sit around a bar height kitchen island and consider going with a counter height one.

Bathrooms are also a considerable factor in forever homes. Ask your Calgary custom home builder to add at least one walk-in shower bathroom at your home as tubs are not always convenient for aging. Finally, trust current technology: You can even add Wi-Fi sprinkler systems to keep your yard under control at any age!

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

When building your forever home in Calgary, it is vital that you take into account your current and future needs and that you pay particular attention to the property's location, size, style, maintenance, accessibility.

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