Top Design Areas Where Your Custom Home Can Shine 

Published May 21, 2021.
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When designing your custom home with a Calgary custom home builder, there are many areas where your home can shine. Key rooms to focus on include your kitchen area, great room, and master suite. You should also consider extra features to make your home custom and functional to you, including; a mudroom, skylights, and perhaps a specialty room to match your lifestyle.

Designing Your Custom Kitchen Area

The kitchen is a well-loved room, and so it has ample opportunity to shine in your custom home design. So what are important features to consider incorporating?

  • Walk-in pantry: A walk-in pantry in your custom kitchen will allow for optimal storage and functionality. Consider varying shelf heights and mixing open shelves and cabinets.
  • Countertops: Quartz is a trending material for countertops as it is durable, easy to clean, and stylish. Multi-functional islands are recommended as they allow for surface area, seating, and storage all in one space.
  • Traffic: A Calgary custom home builder can help you design a layout for your kitchen that allows for easy flow of foot traffic; accommodating space for family baking night!

If you want more information on kitchen design check out this blog.

A Great Room/Living Room is Important in Your Custom Design

Lots of time will be spent in your custom great room/living room, why not let your design shine? But how?

  • Windows: Make a statement with beautiful windows in your great room/living room. A Calgary custom home builder can help you find the perfect windows for your space.
  • Built-ins: We suggest implementing built-ins in your custom design. Built-ins allow maximization of space and uniqueness to your layout.
  • Active Ageing: Consider how your family dynamic will shift as the years progress. If you have children, a Calgary custom home builder can help you create a layout that will allow for transitions to the space as your children grow. If you want to learn more about active aging click here.

Design the Perfect Custom Master Suite

If you’re going to build a custom home, you should really spoil yourself with a master suite that makes a statement. This is your place of rest and rejuvenation, you deserve to have the bedroom of your dreams.

  • Closet Space: A Calgary custom home builder can help you design a beautiful custom closet. Walk-in closets allow ample room for storage and functionality.
  • Ensuite: The ensuite is an extension of the bedroom area. Do you want a stand-alone shower? A soaker tub? Both? And do you want two vanities? Two sinks? You can have lots of fun with the design of your ensuite. Your custom builder can help you create an ensuite that is true to your unique style.
  • Privacy: Consider the layout of your home and where the high traffic areas will be. You may want to consider positioning your master suite in an area that will give you room for privacy and solitude.

Additional Features to Include in Your Custom Home Build

On top of the must-have rooms in your custom home design, you should consider features that match your lifestyle.

  • Mudroom: Have dogs or children? A mudroom is a great choice for having a designated area to transition from outside to indoors. You may even consider a dog wash in your mudroom for added functionality to your custom home design.
  • Skylights: Lighting is so important in a custom home build. Natural lighting is a proven mood booster. Incorporating skylights in your designs will help with atmosphere and lighting.
  • Specialty Room: Consider your hobbies and past-time activities. Do you like music? Why not incorporate a music room in your custom home design? Do you like to play golf? Include a golf simulator in your custom build. Calgary custom home builders have experience with specialty rooms and can help you bring your vision to life.

There are so many design options when building a custom home in Calgary. Focus on the main rooms you will spend your time in and add features that make sense with your lifestyle and intentions for your home. Including additional features helps to add uniqueness to your space.

If you are considering building a custom home and want your design to truly shine contact Sunset Homes today.

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Top design areas where your custom home can shine include your kitchen, great room, and master bedroom. You should also include features like mudrooms, skylights, and a specialty room in your custom home build.

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