Design Tips for Adding a Specialty Wine or Spirits Room in Your Custom Home Build 

Published June 9, 2021.
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If you like to entertain or see yourself as a wine or spirits connoisseur you may want to incorporate a unique specialty room in your custom home build. Your Calgary custom home builder can help you create a dedicated custom space for your wine or spirits collections. Working with an award-winning builder like Sunset Homes will set you up for success in creating a distinctive custom design. This blog will give you ideas for adding a specialty wine or spirits room to your custom home build.

Designing Your Custom Wine Room

Have you always envisioned a custom wine room in your dream home? Building with a Calgary custom home builder can help you make that dream a reality. Some design ideas and things to consider for your custom wine cellar include:

  • Temperature Requirements: Ideal storage for wine is in a dark environment, where the bottles can lay horizontally. If you are a collector of vintage wine and take the preservation of the bottles very seriously, you may want to consider incorporating a specific thermostat and cooling unit to your wine cellar, this will ensure optimal temperatures at all times. Wine can be stored safely from 4-18 degrees celsius. Your Calgary custom home builder can include a smart thermostat in your wine cellar that allows you to control the temperature from your phone.
  • Type: Would you like a designated wine cellar? Or would you like a kitchen wine pantry? Or perhaps a wall with a wine rack or a wine cabinet and fridge in a flex room will suffice. Whatever statement you would like to make with your specialty wine room, a Calgary custom home builder can help you create a unique space true to your tastes.
  • Location: Consider where in your custom home design you would like your specialty wine room or cellar to be. You may want a location with easy access from your living or dining room or you may want it to be in your basement near an entertainment space or bar. Another great idea is the space below your stairs. Your Calgary custom home builder can help you find the perfect location for your custom wine room in your layout.
  • Size: How many bottles of wine are you planning to store? If you like a glass here or there a quaint wine cellar or custom built-in wine rack on a wall will be perfect.  If you are a collector of wines you may want a fair-sized wine cellar, or if you plan to incorporate a tasting table within your cellar you may need extra space. Whichever size you are looking into your Calgary custom home builder can help you create the perfect custom wine cellar sized to meet your needs.
  • Appearance: Do you want your wine room to be glass-fronted, or closed off? Do you want to incorporate brick or wood?  Are you looking for a rustic or modern design? What colour would you like your racks to be? Building with a Calgary custom home builder allows you to focus on the little details and create a space you are truly proud of.
  • Lighting: The preservation of your wine bottles requires little light. We recommend not incorporating any windows in your wine cellar and using fixtures that give off a nice dim hue. If your chosen storage space for your wine is on a wine rack in an entertainment room, your Calgary custom home builder can help you design a space that has light-blocking blinds for daytime and switches that allow you to dim your lighting.

Think Spirits Room in Your Custom Home Design

If bourbon or whiskey is more your style, why not create a custom spirits room? We recommend having fun with your design and letting your distinctive style shine in your custom specialty room.

  • Speakeasy: You may have thought the concept of a speakeasy was lost after the prohibition era, but guess what? We are here to tell you to consider incorporating one in your custom home design. If you love to entertain, we think a hidden doorway is such a fun and unique entrance idea for a custom spirits room. Your Calgary custom home builder can create a library with custom built-ins where one section doubles as a hidden door leading you into your hidden vintage-themed bar. We have also seen hidden doors in paneled walls leading to secret rooms. There are many unique possibilities!
  • Bar Area: If you aren’t looking for a hidden speakeasy-style room and would prefer a more traditional bar area in your entertainment space, we recommend still incorporating unique, custom features. Perhaps include LED strip lighting to illuminate your counters and bar area. Incorporate custom built-ins for presenting your spirits collection in a tasteful, stylish way.

Whatever design and style you are going for in your custom wine or spirits room, working with a reputable Calgary custom builder will ensure you get a specialty room you will love for years to come.

If you are considering building a custom wine or spirits room and want your design to truly shine contact Sunset Homes today.

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Consider temperature requirements, size, location, style, appearance, and lighting when building your custom wine and spirits room with an award-winning Calgary builder.

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