What Role Do You Play in Your Custom Home Design?

Published May 14, 2021.
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At Sunset Homes we value transparency and open communication with our clients.  As a client, you play the largest role in your custom home design. Your vision and contributions drive the success of your project; we emphasize that our client’s interests come first. We care about making you feel like part of the team and want to build long-lasting relationships with you.

Homeowner’s Input on Layout, Specifications, and Selections

Cooperation, communication, and education are important during the lengths of a custom home build or major renovation. While your role is to act as a guide throughout all stages of your project, the most important steps come in the beginning when it’s time to consider layout and selections. This phase requires the most commitment and communication from you. Get more tips about making selections here.

Your role is to come to us with details like a budget, your lot size, and a vision. The more information the better! It’s important to consider the style of home you are going for. Do you want a contemporary look? Something transitional? Traditional? Or do you want a farmhouse look?  Don’t forget to consider the lifestyle of your family, so you can present design must-haves for your custom home build. Bringing forward your ideas from the get-go helps guide us in the right direction. We will be able to interpret your requirements and present you with layouts and renders for a home that matches your vision.

In the early stages of your project, you will gain access to our online project management system to help you collaborate with our project managers and make selections. This is where you can make decisions on things like flooring, appliances, exterior finishes, and doors and windows. The decisions you make in our system and your meetings will bring your project to life. We want the transition from design to construction to be seamless for you, which is why your participation and decisions are so important. Check out our blog on the online project management system we use here.

Team-work is Key for Your Custom Home Success

As mentioned, the team at Sunset Homes values transparency. Your project managers are here to collaborate with you throughout the process of your custom home build. Your project manager wants to work with you and create an environment where you both can find alternatives together. As you are the guiding factor in your project, your project manager wants to hear input throughout your project. We love when clients join us for walk-throughs at different stages of their custom build to see the progression of their project. Collaboration is the key to transparency and trust. Here at Sunset Homes, we want to work closely with you and build a strong, lasting relationship. We’re all about client satisfaction and making our clients’ custom home dreams become reality.

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Homeowners play the biggest role in their custom home build or major renovation. They are the guiding factor in design, selections, specifications, and vision.

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