Designing the Perfect Custom Kitchen in Your New Home Build 

Published May 7, 2021.
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Your kitchen is an important room in your new custom home! This will be a room your family will spend lots of time in; your kitchen should be both functional and designed to match your style. Whether you’re planning a new build or a major renovation, this blog will help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

There are five defined areas in a kitchen; the pantry, storage, sink, preparation area, and cooking area. You want to coordinate these areas as functionally as possible. Keep this in mind while considering the following tips:

Wide Walkways and Easy Traffic in Your Kitchen Design

When designing your kitchen you should consider the size of your walkways, especially if you expect to have lots of "cooks in the kitchen". In your work areas, aim for walkways that are 42-48 inches wide. Make sure doorways are positioned around the work areas and not through them. If you plan to have seating at your island, plan to have enough room behind seats for easy passage. Open concept layouts help for busy kitchens.

The Function of Islands and Countertops

Important features to think about are your islands and countertops. First of all, consider the configuration of your kitchen. U-shaped kitchens are great for lots of space and storage; this is where counters and storage are on three walls. An L-shaped kitchen consists of counters and storage placed on two walls. If you’re an avid baker you may want to consider a two-island kitchen. This is as the name suggests, a kitchen with two islands in the center of the kitchen. There are so many possibilities, it’s important to think about which configuration will fit best with your lifestyle.

The heights of your islands and countertops are important as well. The standard for the top of countertops is to fall around 36 inches above the floor. If your family finds the standard to be too tall or short for you, Calgary custom home builders can help you fit your countertops to the perfect height for you. You may consider having a T-shaped island where one section is lower and dedicated as a versatile space for a breakfast nook, or a spot for the kids to help prep meals depending on the situation.

Another important thing to consider when considering the layout of your countertops is electrical outlets. Think about all the tools you will be using in your kitchen and select strategic locations for your plugs to help you with functionality and ease of use.

Sink Area in Your Custom Kitchen

The sink plays a great purpose in the function of your kitchen space. You will need to consider where to position your sink(s). We recommend having one near your dishwasher for easy transition from the sink. Top-mount sinks are inserted from above the counter and are caulked to the counter with silicone; these give a good traditional look. Undermount sinks are the opposite, they are attached to the bottom of the counter. Both styles can offer single or double basins. Another fun design option is the deep farmhouse-style sink. Do you want a pull-down or motion sensor faucet? Which color and material do you want your sink and faucet(s) to be? Think about the style of your home and what will be the most efficient options for your lifestyle.

Appliances to Incorporate in Your Design

You will need to decide which appliances you are looking to have in your kitchen. Also, consider things like which type of stove you would like; gas, induction, or electric. Would you want your stove separate from your oven? Having your oven and microwave stacked? Do you want your appliances to blend in with your cabinetry? It’s also important to decide the height of your microwave and other appliances that typically sit higher than the countertop.

Design advice from us is to choose the same color scheme for your appliances. Black appliances are often found in traditional-style homes, while white appliances are often in farmhouse-style homes. Stainless steel is often seen as a higher-end style. It comes down to which style suits you the most.  We also recommend choosing the same brand, as it makes warranty and repairs easier and many suppliers offer bundle discounts.

Pantry Space in Your Custom Kitchen

The pantry is an important storage space. Think about your family’s lifestyle and decide how much storage you will need. What are your shelving preferences? Do you like the look of wire or solid shelving? Are you going to incorporate drawers and cabinets? If you do not need walk-in space for your pantry, you may just incorporate a closet with shelves in your design. Think about where your key items will sit in your pantry, and design accordingly.

Unique Details in Your Kitchen Design

Calgary custom home builders can accommodate unique details in your kitchen, bringing in your personal touch. Have a unique tile backsplash in mind or cabinet color?  Your builder can help you bring your dreams to reality.

The little details are so important! If you have a large knife collection, consider adding a built-in holder in one of your drawers. Add dividers in your cabinets for baking sheets, consider a pull-out lazy susan, or a built-in spice rack.  If you want exposed pots, have your Calgary custom home builder install a unique pot rack. For those coffee addicts, make sure to create a dedicated space for your coffee station.

Budget for Your Custom Kitchen

The most important thing at the end of the day is making these considerations within the means of your budget. Your Calgary custom home builder can help you create a breakdown of your kitchen costs and set an appropriate budget with you. There are lots of ways to design a beautiful kitchen within a small budget or big budget.

If you are considering a custom home or a major renovation, Sunset Homes can help you design the custom kitchen and home of your dreams.

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Designing your custom kitchen can be made simple with a few tips. Consider things like walkways, the function of countertops, the sink area, appliances, pantry space, details, and budget.

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