Choosing the Right Interior Colours for Your Custom Home Design

Published May 19, 2021.
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Deciding on a colour scheme for your custom home is an exciting aspect of your design process! This blog looks into choosing the right interior colour for your custom build. It also looks at the finishing effect of your paint, ceiling colours, and wall features. If you want more tips on choosing interior colours click here. 

Colour Scheme for Your Calgary Custom Home

Deciding on a color scheme in your custom home build or major renovation can be a seemingly impossible task. We recommend narrowing it down to three colors to help you make things manageable. Oftentimes, the best choice is the first colour you are drawn to. For open concept homes, we recommend using a flow-through paint color. Use this wall colour in your hallways, foyers, and main living space. We recommend light colours like whites and greys for this portion of your interior colours to help bring continuity and flow to your custom home design. You can play around with colours in your other spaces! Choosing colours with the same warm or cool tones helps with the flow as well. Warms colours like orange and yellow help to bring feelings of happiness and optimism to spaces. Cooler colors like green or blue can help give a calming effect. Keeping these colours in mind can help you in picking the ‘mood’ you want to put into each room of your home. Your Calgary custom home builder can help you create a beautiful colour scheme for your home design.

Finish Effect For Your Ideal Custom Home Design

The finish of your paint adds to the look of your interior paint colour. If you choose to work with a Calgary custom home builder, your designer and painter will be able to give you expert advice on which finish to choose. High gloss finishes are shiny and light reflective and the most durable and easy to clean; this finish is recommended in places like the kitchen. Semi-gloss finishes are great for rooms that face a lot of moisture and spills, including kitchens and bathrooms. Semi-gloss reflects less light than high gloss but still provides a sheen finish. Satin finishes are also durable and provide a ‘velvety’ appearance, this finish is recommended in family rooms or hallways. Eggshell is a flat, no-shine finish and works well in dining rooms and living rooms. Matte finishes are the least durable and there is no sense of shine to them. The matte finish is recommended in rooms with fewer chances of the wall being touched on a repeated basis. A great location for this type of finish is adult bedrooms. All of the listed finishes are beautiful choices, it’s important to consider the style you’re going for in your custom build as well as your family’s lifestyle!

Ceilings are Key for the Overall Look of Your Custom Home

Yes! The ceiling colour is just as important as the interior walls in your custom home build or major renovation. The most popular option for the ceiling is a crisp white look. It’s important to keep in mind that if your walls are an off-white or a bold colour you need to consider if the white on your ceiling gives off a complimentary tone. Many homeowners choose to have ceilings that match their walls. If you choose an off-white for both your walls and ceiling it provides symmetry and removes the emphasis from these features allowing your furnishings and architectural elements to shine. There are instances where you may choose to use your ceiling as an accent piece, incorporating unique colors or designs. Whether this is your style or you prefer a more traditional look, a Calgary custom home builder can help you bring your vision to life.

Wall Features Are Trending in 2021

Once you select your interior paint colors, you may choose to accent your selections with wall features such as wainscotting or wallpaper. Wainscotting is wood paneling that will go around the walls in the rooms of your choosing and in the colour you select. It’s generally used to safeguard walls in kitchens, foyers, and bathrooms in a stylistic manner. The location and style of it is up to you.

Wallpaper has been growing in popularity, it’s a great option for giving a room a unique twist. We love the look of wallpaper on a feature wall. Wallpaper designs can give your room of choice a casual, rustic, or modern feel. Consider your vision for your custom home and if you want to incorporate wainscotting, wallpaper, and other wall features. Your Calgary custom home builder can give you advice on effortlessly including it in your designs.

If you want to learn more about tips on choosing an exterior colour click here. 

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Selecting interior colors for your custom home build or major renovation is important. Consider the scheme you want, the paint finish, the ceiling colour, and if you want any special wall features.

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