What is Included in My Quote From Calgary Inner City Home Builders?

Published March 31, 2015.
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In order for Calgary inner city home builders to keep a steady flow of work, they need to provide clients with competitive, detailed, and transparent quotes for their home building projects. For you to get a clear picture of what a quote should include, you need to understand what a quote is. A quote or quotation is a fixed price that cannot be changed once accepted by the customer. This is unlike an estimate that is more like an educated guess of what the project might cost but is not binding. Quotes are based on plans and specification documents, as opposed to estimates.

While comparing quotes from several Calgary inner city home builders is a good idea, you need to know that it is not always straight forward. Within a quote, the price is not the only variable as you may think. Quotes may vary in the way the building process is broken down, the size of the custom home building company, who may have large overheads, whether the builder has a well-organized workforce, the experience of their project managers, the accuracy of the drawings and specifications, and much more. So you need to be careful when you enter a comparison process and be aware of any hidden costs at the same time.

The starting point for getting a fair quote from Calgary inner city home builders is inviting them to quote your project. In order for the builders to calculate the quote, you or the architect you are working with should provide them with an idea of the full scope of your project. Here is some of the information that your quote from Calgary inner city home builders should include:

  • The cost of the materials based on the plans and drawings that you have provided. If you intend to provide some of the materials yourself, you need to inform your home builders about the quantities so that they can deduct those from their calculations. You should also be presented with several options of materials in case you haven’t asked for a specific material or product.
  • The cost of the labor involved in your project. The quote should be very detailed in all respects and work categories should be clearly presented so that you understand what each type of labor involves and how that affects your overall costs.
  • The quote should also include a detailed presentation of the costs involved with any preliminary work such as site clearance or demolition. You should know what to expect throughout the entire custom home building process from beginning to end but sometimes misunderstandings occur because the homeowner assumes that preliminaries are included in the building process while the contractor doesn’t consider those as part of the construction.

Whichever Calgary inner city home builder you choose to work with, you need to make sure that you ask for the things that you want to be included in the quote. For example, if you need your builder to deal with architectural design, you need to ask for that particular cost to be included in the quote. Also, if you want them to handle permits for you, you need to request a quote for that specific situation. An extensive initial conversation with your home builder, who will know what questions to ask you, will help you get a better idea of what your quote should include.

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