Why Urban Infill Homes Make Great Rental Properties in Calgary

Published March 24, 2015.
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Why Urban Infill Homes Make Great Rental Properties in Calgary 

The unused land in downtown Calgary creates the perfect setting for new infill homes. Over the past few years, experts have reported an increase in the development of infill homes. Most developers and investors are attracted by the great rental opportunities that such properties offer on the long term. But why urban infill homes make great rental properties in Calgary? Here are just a few reasons that may answer your question:

  • Location - Despite the higher density of the population deriving from urban growth, Calgary maintains the character of its neighbourhoods. It is this sense of belonging to a community that tenants find appealing when choosing an infill home for rent. Typically, infill homes are located very conveniently in a way that people can easily reach work, shopping and entertainment venues, as well as schools or playgrounds. As a result, investors find it easy to rent infill homes in Calgary.
  • Appreciation - The main reason why urban infill homes make great rental properties in Calgary is, of course, the constant appreciation of their value. As people are rediscovering all over again the benefits of living in an urban neighborhood, housing prices rise to reflect this increase in popularity. Every year, infill homes in Calgary get more and more valuable, and that is wonderful for homeowners who rent their properties.
  • Versatility - Another reason why urban infill homes make great rental properties Calgary is their versatility. A homeowner can decide to build their own home that incorporates a secondary suite that they can rent out to young professionals or university students, or a duplex, triplex, or fourplex home depending on their plans to rent or sell their investment property. Sunset homes offers many unique infill home plans that are completely customizable to your needs.

Infill homes are certainly great rental properties, and that’s why the popularity of custom inner city homes has recently skyrocketed. The comfort, convenience, and functionality of urban living make infill homes in Calgary more attractive than ever as rental properties. What used to drive people away from the city - the higher density of the population - is what brings them back to the city all over again.

If you’re considering building an income or rental property in Calgary’s inner city, contact the infill home experts at Sunset Homes. We can help you choose the right land, home plans, and design for your rental properties in Calgary.

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