Closets Aren’t Just for Clothes Anymore

Published June 22, 2015.
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What is Included in My Quote From Calgary Inner City Home BuildersClosets Aren’t Just for Clothes Anymore

So you live in a small house thinking it will suffice for a few years - then surprise! A baby! What do you do now?

Transforming a small room into a nursery is totally possible. For one, babies don’t need much space, and two, closets aren’t just for clothes anymore! The biggest trend these days for kids’ rooms is to utilize closet space as an actual part of the room.

First step is to remove the closet doors, and the track from the floor. If you want to keep the track incase of resale - cover it with a mat. Now, remove any hanger bars, shelving, or organizational racks. You can keep some, depending on what you want to do with the space. For now, we just want a blank canvas.

Years 0-2:
Create a sleeping alcove in any room’s closet by tucking baby’s crib into it. Add drapes on either side to help soften up the space. The perfect space for your little one to sleep soundly.

Years 2-6:
Coloring, painting, scribbling and pasting become a big part of a toddler’s life, and creative freedom is important. When you grow tired of your space being over run with craft supplies - take it to the closet! Insert some shelving, or any type of storage that works for you. Add a craft table, or desk and voila! Their own craft space to make a mess in.

Years 4-8:
Toys are everywhere! Now they can have their very own toy store - in their room! Organize lego, dolls, crafts, play kitchens and books with closet organizers, or bins.

Years 8-13:
Before clothes make their way back into the closet of your teenager - homework and reading are on the schedule. Create a cozy nook complete with bookshelves, a homework desk, or reading bench.
When the time comes to bring clothes back into the space you can still opt to keep the doors off. This not only makes the room appear bigger - but your teenager will then be forced to keep their closet clean. One can hope, right?

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