Wants vs. Needs when Building Your Calgary Inner City Home

Published January 29, 2018.
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 New homes are springing up in Calgary's inner city, and when you decide to custom build, there are many things to consider. Maybe you have selected your lot, and now you are on the planning phase for your custom home. When building your Calgary inner city home, there are certain things to be taken into consideration. Comparing your wants vs. your needs while reviewing your estimated budget, desired home size, number of rooms and amenities you want, can be of help during this stage. With the guidance of professional custom home builders in Calgary, such as Sunset Homes, you can be able to answer the most significant questions.

The Right Size for your Calgary Custom Home

Considering the size of your family and your plans to grow your family in the future might be a good starting point to evaluate the number of rooms and amenities you want to have at home, and other factors that might add resale value. The size of your custom home will impact your budget and resources that would go into building your home. To define the ideal size for your Calgary custom home, you can develop a wish list and review it in detail with your home builder to determine which items are essential and adapt it towards your desired budget. Check also this article about the right square footage for your custom home that can be of help to determine the right size for your new dream home.

Rooms and Amenities for your Custom Build

There are rooms that can make your home unique such as your home office, media room, private gym, and even a small but functional mudroom. A mudroom is a simple area that can be valuable if you have pets and children. While in your planning and design stage, talk to your builder about your absolute needs regarding rooms and explore the possibilities of choosing a floor plan that allows for multipurpose rooms. This option can maximize space in your new custom home and at the same time cover the essential items on your wish list.

Kitchen and Bathroom options for Your Custom Dream Home

For most homeowners, the kitchen and bathroom are essential rooms to customize. These are also attractive renovation options. For that reason, we always suggest reviewing in detail your wants and needs for these two areas. Having a super kitchen or a spa bathroom are interesting ideas to consider for your custom home and both can add resale value to your property. Be honest with yourself when comparing your wants and needs and always ask your custom home builder to point you in the right direction to be able to add these essential items on your wish list to your new dream home.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Ask your custom home builder for guidance when comparing your wants and needs to decide the right size for your home, the amenities to include, and the rooms that can add value to your property.

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