Three Home Automation and Safety Items for Calgary Custom Homes

Published February 1, 2018.
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Welcome to the era of smart home systems! Home automation is everywhere, and it is part of our custom home designs and the way we live. It means incorporating one or more electronic devices to your home to control numerous systems that you have at home. Including home automation to any extent in your new dream home can make it more efficient, a smart home is a green home. Smart systems also add value to your property and make your everyday life more comfortable. A valuable advantage of smart home systems is the possibility of adding items to enhance the safety of your Calgary custom home. At Sunset Homes, we suggest considering the following smart items for your new home in Calgary.

Calgary Custom Home Builders Suggest Adding Smart Home Systems 

Including a smart home system may provide you with many advantages. Home automation saves you time and energy from having to carry out daily tasks. As the name says, your home becomes smarter, and you can control devices like lighting, temperature, the television. Some smart systems include motion sensors that can let you know when there are people around your home; other include a carbon monoxide detector in your garage or a flood sensor, and you can receive alerts and act faster if any event happens around your home.

Smart Cameras for Your New Dream Home

Security is a big deal, and your Calgary custom home is the place you want to experience top-notch security. Your home security can become wireless and be connected to your phone or your computer, giving you the ability to watch your home even in your absence. Smart cameras are an affordable security option, and they can also be of help when you have people working at home when you are not around. Plus, you can have a doorbell camera to see the person at the door before allowing them access to your home.

No Keys for Your Custom Home

Say bye to hunting for your keys and say hello to smart locks. Smart locks are a very interesting upgrade from having multiple keys. Nowadays, smart locks come in various types, prices, and brands and they are all accessible and affordable. With smart locks, you can connect the locks of your Calgary custom home to your phone and always receive permanent and temporary access to your home whenever you choose to. August and Schlage Sense are the most renowned options; they are also the most compatible with devices such as smartphones, Apple watches, several smart homes systems like Apple Homekit or Amazon Alexa.

Ready for a more efficient home? Contact Sunset Homes today and learn more about how you can add home automation to your inner-city dream home. We will gladly prepare a free quote and give you more information about our custom luxury homes and major renovations.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Improve safety at your Calgary custom home by including home automation systems, smart cameras, and smart door locks.

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