Three Important Items for a Great Kitchen in Your Calgary Custom Home

Published January 24, 2018.
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Having a great kitchen is one of the main wishes every homeowner has. If you are thinking about having a comfortable, functional, and yet luxurious kitchen for your new custom home or if you are considering a major kitchen renovation, check out these key items to include when planning and designing your new kitchen.

Calgary Custom Home Builders Suggest Adding Enough Lighting

As experienced Calgary builders, at Sunset Homes, we know that lighting may create an impact on the functionality of the space in every room of your custom home. To have plenty of light in your kitchen, you want to consider adding some layers of lighting for specific tasks, to accentuate, and to decorate your kitchen. This means adding enough light to the spaces in which you will be prepping your food such as your countertops and adding lighting to your pantries and cabinets as well. You can use recessed lights, under cabinet lights, and pendants to cover these three layers of lighting. Learn more tips in our article 4 Useful Lighting Tips for your Luxury Inner City Home.

Flooring is Important for Your Dream Home

The flooring on your kitchen floor should be durable, easy to clean, and still provide a good look and visual for your home. If you envision your Calgary custom home with an open concept, you can either choose the same flooring kind for the whole space or adapt the kitchen area to any other flooring option. Some of the choices can be porcelain tile, linoleum, bamboo, and hardwood. Both porcelain tile and hardwood are frequently used as they make an excellent choice for durability and they can integrate really well with your kitchen design. Nevertheless, hardwood makes one of the best flooring options for an open concept kitchen. Check out our Custom Home Builder Tips to Maintain Your Hardwood Floors.

Create a Unique Style for Your Home in Calgary with Your Backsplash

Your kitchen backsplash can be an excellent item to give a unique style to your kitchen and your home. Your backsplash also provides you with an easy to clean surface. This area usually gets people's instant attention when they enter your kitchen. To create a one-of-a-kind kitchen, consider playing with patterns, choose graphic tile, glass tile, reclaimed wood, or galvanized metal for your backsplash. You can even play with your backsplash colours or create a mosaic to lighten up your kitchen.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Create a unique and luxurious style for your kitchen and custom home by adding enough lighting, playing with your backsplash, and choosing the right kind of flooring.

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