Tips for Building A Library In Your Custom Home Design

Published June 23, 2021.
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This blog explores ideas for designing your home library with a Calgary custom home builder in your new home build or major renovation. Consider things like the layout, location, lighting, and mood for your custom home library.

For the book lovers out there who have quite the collection of novels, why not allow your Calgary custom home builder to incorporate a home library in your design? A home library is not only visually appealing, it gives you a space to unwind and lose yourself in your favorite books. Your custom home library will make room for functionality, style, and storage.

Tips for the Location of Your Custom Home Library in Your New Home Build Layout

Would you like a designated reading room or would you like your library to reside in a living room or office space? Perhaps your child loves books and you want to incorporate a unique reading area in his/her bedroom. Would you like to utilize the space under your stairs as a little built-in bookshelf or have any other unique ideas? Deciding on your location is an important factor in designing your custom home library. Your Calgary custom home builder can help you find the perfect location for your custom home library in the layout of your new home build.

Think Lighting When Designing Your Custom Home Library

In order to be able to see what you are reading without squinting, you will need to consider the lighting in your custom home library. Your Calgary custom home builder can help you design a library with ample natural lighting for daytime use and the proper type of lighting fixtures to transition to nighttime reading. Dimmer switches and smart technology options can be incorporated to adjust the lighting to your needs.

Your Custom Home Library Design

For your design, you may want to think about the mood you are looking for in your custom home library. If you are going for a cozy feeling have you considered a fireplace and earthy tones to allow you to feel comfortable while reading your favourite books? Or do you want a simplistic, modern look? Do you want to add whimsical custom features that make you feel like you’re in a scene of your favourite book? Your Calgary custom home builder can bring any idea to life in your home library.

Shelving is Important in Your Custom Home Library Design

The bookshelves could be the most important part of your custom home library! This is an opportunity to distinctively showcase your collection. Your Calgary custom home builder can help you design gorgeous built-in bookshelves.

  • Libraryesque: Do you want your custom home library to feel like the real deal? Your Calgary custom home builder can help you design tall, expansive custom bookshelves that allow you to get lost in your large collection of literature. We recommend incorporating a rolling ladder to add an extra touch to your custom design!
  • Shelves with a nook: If you don’t want to dedicate an entire room to a custom home library, why not incorporate built-in shelving on either side of a reading nook next to a window in your living room or bedroom?
  • Shelves and cupboards: If you want to tuck some items away in your custom home library, your Calgary home builder can help you design a setup where you have both shelves and cupboards in your custom built-ins.

Your custom home library is truly a space for you! Your Calgary custom home builder can help you create a design that shines with your personality and uniqueness. A home library should be both functional and match your mood.

If you’re interested in adding a custom home library to your new home build or major renovation, Sunset Homes can help you design the space of your dreams.

If you are considering building a custom home library and want your design to truly shine contact Sunset Homes today.

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