Designing the Perfect Home Gym in Your Calgary Custom Build

Published June 18, 2021.
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This blog shares ideas for incorporating ventilation and temperature control in your custom home gym. Flooring options and unique design elements in your custom design are also discussed.

Have you always dreamed of having a custom home gym in your home? We are here to help! Your Calgary custom home builder can help you design a space that accommodates any sports-related interest. Are you a yogi? Do you like to do barre workouts? Would you love a basketball gym to practice your skills? Or are you more traditional and just want cardio or weights? Anything is possible in your custom home gym.

Think Flooring in Your Custom Home Gym:

  • Rubber: Rubber is a great option for a multi-purpose custom home gym. It is durable, shock-absorbent, and water-resistant. Rubber is great for cardio, boxing, and weightlifting. Your Calgary custom home builder can help you select the perfect rubber flooring for your custom home gym needs.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl options are durable and moisture resistant. This may be a great option for lighter forms of exercise such as yoga or barre.
  • Hardwood: If you are interested in having a custom indoor basketball or volleyball court in your new home build the most popular choice for flooring is maple hardwood. Your Calgary custom home builder can incorporate a subfloor that helps with ball bounce underneath your hardwood flooring.

Consider Ventilation in Your Custom Home Gym:

Air quality and ventilation are important in your custom home gym. Your Calgary custom home builder can help you incorporate window space in your custom home gym to help with the airflow. There are also options for HVAC subcontractors to install ventilation ducts, an air-conditioner, and/or an air filter.

Designing with Temperature in Mind in Your Custom Home Gym:

Did you know that you can have a furnace zone built into your custom home design specifically for your home gym? This will allow you to control the temperature in your space to keep comfortable while you’re working out. There are many smart technology options where you can control your thermostat from your phone and set timers for specific temperatures. Your Calgary custom home builder can help you design a custom home gym that considers every little detail.

Design Elements to Make Your Custom Home Gym Stand Out:

  • Mirrors: Your Calgary custom home builder can help your incorporate large custom mirrors for your home gym space.
  • Room With a View: Are you inspired by the views outside your home? Your Calgary custom home builder can help you incorporate large windows that allow you to see outside while you are in your custom home gym.
  • Heavy Equipment: If you are into kickboxing and martial arts and would like a punching bag anchored to the ceiling, let your Calgary custom home builder know! Backing for heavy workout equipment can be incorporated into the framing of your custom home to support the weight. We’ve even seen indoor climbing walls! Anything is possible if you share all your ideas from the get-go!
  • Sound System: Your Calgary custom home builder can guide you through choosing a custom sound system for your home gym. You deserve to listen to your favorite tunes out loud while getting your sweat on!
  • Lighting: For the yogis who want a relaxing space, we recommend incorporating dimmer switches so that you can control the mood in your custom yoga studio.
  • Glass Walls and Doors: We have seen many home gyms that feature glass walls and doors, these give uniqueness to your custom home design; making your custom home gym a feature item in your home.
  • Storage Space: Custom built-ins for storage can be incorporated into your custom home gym design.

Fitness is so important for our physical and mental health. Having a home gym allows you to put your body and mind first in a space that is custom to you! Consider your must-haves and design ideas and bring them forward to your Calgary custom home builder.

At Sunset Homes, we love working with homeowners to create custom spaces that make dreams come true.

If you are considering building a custom home gym and want your design to truly shine contact Sunset Homes today.

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