Have you Considered a Music Room in Your Custom Home Build?

Published June 24, 2021.
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Tips for designing a custom music room in your new home build or major renovation. Think about sound systems, soundproofing and lighting in your custom design.

Building your dream custom home with a Calgary custom home builder allows you to get creative with what you do with your layout and space. Do you or a family member play a musical instrument? Do you love to rock to records? Why not incorporate a custom music room in your new build or major renovation? You deserve to have a space that inspires you and lets you express your passions.

Think Functionality and Creativity in Your Custom Music Room

You will need to consider what you want to do with the space to allow functionality, creativity, and fun! The following are some unique ideas for the theme of your custom music room:

  • Kids Music Room: If you have young children who love to make music, why not create a whimsical custom music room for them to explore their passions? For a space like this, we recommend bold colours on the wall and bright decor.  Why not incorporate a stage for your kids to perform their music? This is a space for kids after all! Your Calgary custom home builder can help you design a unique, functional space for your children, that can transition as your family ages.
  • Recording Studio: For those who want to pursue a recording career with no commute time, a recording studio is a unique custom music room for your new home build or major renovation. Your Calgary custom home builder can help you create a space where the creative juices flow for both you and your artists.
  • Records/Listening Room: Not into music, but into listening to it? We recommend creating a distinctive room for listening to your favourite tunes and artists! Record players are back and as trendy as ever, why not dedicate a space to your collection of records?  Your Calgary custom home builder can help you design a chill-out space for you to relax and enjoy quality time with yourself and your friends and family. Why not add a wine or spirits bar within your custom records/listening room and create a truly unique space? Check out our blog on custom wine and spirits rooms here. 
  • Classical Room: For those who have a soft spot for classical music, we suggest building a custom music room that showcases your love for it! Your Calgary custom home builder can help you design a room that makes your piano or string instruments the focal point of your room. You deserve a custom space where you can escape to play your favourite instrument.

Important Construction Elements to Incorporate in the Design of Your Custom Music Room

When building a custom music room there are many construction elements to consider in your design. When working with a Calgary custom home builder consider the following:

  • Sound System: Your Calgary custom home builder can help you incorporate an effective sound system in your music room design. Speakers can be built right into your ceiling or walls. Sound systems today come with smart technology where the speakers can be controlled directly from your smartphone. We are here to help you find the perfect sound system for your custom music room!
  • Sound Proofing: With the help of Sunset Home’s talented trade professionals, we can help you create a custom music room with strong soundproofing, so you don’t have to worry about playing your music too loud! The best way to create effective soundproofing is to plan for it from the get-go. Absorptive and soundproofing materials can be incorporated into the custom building design. Acoustic panels are great for soundproofing as well.  Did you know that custom built-in shelves help reduce sound travelling out of a room and internal echo control? Why not incorporate unique display shelves in your custom music room design?
  • Lighting: Be intentional about your lighting in your custom music room design. Lighting can help set a mood while also being functional. Smart technology allows dimmers to be controlled directly from your smartphone, which is a unique idea for your custom music room.  We also recommend strategically placed pot lights or fixtures above where your sheet music will be for easy visibility while playing your instrument. At Sunset Homes, we love bold lighting fixtures and a custom music room feels like the perfect place for one! Your Calgary custom home builder can help you get creative and practical with your lighting choices.

The possibilities are endless when designing your custom music room! Bring all your ideas to your Calgary custom home builder for expert advice on your custom home design. We are here to say that you deserve the custom home of your dreams.

If you are considering building a custom music room and want your design to truly shine contact Sunset Homes today.

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