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Published July 14, 2021.
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A guide for building an outdoor kitchen in a custom new build or major renovation project. Think functional zones, protective and durable materials, and lighting and sound options.

Have you always wanted a space to entertain and cook outdoors? A custom outdoor kitchen is a distinctive feature to add to your custom home design. A Calgary custom home builder can help you create the perfect space for you and your family.

Add Functional Zones to Your Custom Outdoor Kitchen Layout

Make your custom outdoor kitchen design functional and stylish by thinking of zoning. Have specific zones for purposes.

  • Prep Zone: Think about the type of cooking you will be doing outdoors! If you plan to go all out we recommend counter space, storage, and a sink for functionality. We have seen unique countertops that have unique built-in cutting boards! Your Calgary custom home builder can help you create the perfect outdoor kitchen prep zone.
  • Cooking Zone: What type of appliances do you want in your custom outdoor kitchen? We’ve seen barbeques, smokers, grills, and pizza ovens. Whatever you need your Calgary custom home builder can help you create a seamless design for your cooking zone.
  • Entertainment Zone: The best part of an outdoor kitchen is entertaining family and friends! Incorporate an area for a beverage fridge, ice maker,  and/or a wine cooler.
  • Seating Zone: We recommend incorporating a seating area in your outdoor kitchen design! Do you want seating at an island? Do you want lounge chairs with side tables nearby? Whatever your vision is your Calgary custom home builder can help you design the perfect area for relaxing and enjoying your outdoor meals.

Options for Covering  Your Outdoor Custom Kitchen

You don’t want unpredictable weather to get in the way of your custom outdoor kitchen fun! We recommend incorporating something to protect your outdoor kitchen. Common options include; canopies, awnings, pergolas, and gazebos. All of these options come in various durable materials, whatever your budget and tastes are your Calgary custom home builder can help you pick the perfect option. We love the idea of a walkway to a romantic gazebo overlooking your gorgeous yard!

Durable Materials are Important in Your Custom Outdoor Kitchen Design

It’s important to use low-maintenance and durable materials in your outdoor kitchen design.

  • Cabinetry and Countertops: For your cabinetry, we recommend polymer, teak,  or stainless steel. These options help with bug proofing and weather resistance. Your Calgary custom home builder can help you pick the best materials for your custom outdoor kitchen.
  • Flooring or Decking: If you are installing your outdoor kitchen on a deck you can opt to use pressure-treated wood, composite, or any other common durable material. If you opt to have a separate kitchen area away from the home we recommend options like slate, stone,  cast concrete tiles, or repurposed brick.

Lighting and Sound System Ideas for Your Custom Outdoor Kitchen

It’s important to incorporate good lighting above your cooking zones and more ambient lighting in your entertainment areas. Your Calgary custom home builder can help you select the perfect lighting layout for your custom outdoor kitchen.

Consider installing task lighting above your cooking area. Halogen bulbs are small and can handle fluctuating temperatures, making them great for outdoor cooking areas. Solar-powered LED lighting for walkways and the outdoor perimeter of your outdoor kitchen are another great option.

Your Calgary custom home builder can help you incorporate a sound system in your outdoor kitchen. This is a great option for those who love to entertain! Smart technology can allow you to control your custom sound system right from your phone.

Your custom outdoor kitchen is a space for you to play with design options! Your Calgary custom home builder can help you create the perfect layout with protective coverings, materials, lighting, and a sound system for your space.

If you want a luxurious backyard experience, a custom outdoor kitchen goes well with an outdoor pool area. Check out our blog Building a Pool and Sauna Room in Your Custom Home Design for more information.

If you are considering building a custom outdoor kitchen and want your design to truly shine, contact Sunset Homes today.

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