Building a Pool and Sauna Room in Your Custom Home Design 

Published July 9, 2021.
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A design guide for building a custom pool and sauna room in your custom home design. Think location, air quality, drainage, lighting, and design.

Have you always wanted a space in your home to have some fun in an indoor pool or relax in a sauna? At Sunset Homes, we believe you should add elements to your custom home design that truly make your dreams come true. A pool is a great option for exercise and entertainment and a sauna gives you the at-home spa experience you deserve.

Consider Location When Building a Custom Pool and/or sauna Room:

  • Outside: If you choose to have your custom pool built outdoors your Calgary custom home builder can help you choose the perfect location. Consider the placement of the sun, place your pool where it gets the most sunlight to help with water temperature. Try to keep a large distance between the pool and trees, to help control debris. Pools close to the house are the most convenient. Why not have a hot tub nearby, and an ample seating room with stone or fiberon decking? Your custom home builder can create a space that feels like an outdoor oasis.
  • Inside: If you are located in Calgary, we recommend building your custom pool indoors; that way you can use your pool year-round! The basement is a great area to utilize space to support a custom pool area. We have also seen breezeways connecting the main house area to a pool and sauna.
  • Sauna location ideas: We have seen freestanding saunas outdoors a few steps away from the pool, this may be something to consider if you want everything in one place. If you are looking to only incorporate a sauna room and no pool in your custom home design a great option is near a fitness room or within your master ensuite. Still not sold on a pool or sauna? Consider a steam shower for a spa-like experience. Your Calgary custom home builder can help you figure out the perfect layout for your custom pool and/or sauna room.

Think Ventilation and Drainage in Your Custom Indoor Pool:

The air quality of an indoor pool area is important. Your Calgary custom home builder will work closely with professional trades to ensure your custom indoor pool room provides the proper air quality standards. The perfect system will be installed in your custom indoor pool and sauna room to ensure proper ventilation, humidity, and temperature control.

Proper pool deck drainage is essential in preventing water pooling. Your Calgary custom home builder will ensure the proper drainage system is installed to reduce the wet conditions. Strip drains are a recommended option for drainage.

Lighting in Your Custom Indoor Pool or Sauna:

Natural lighting creates an open feeling in custom home design. If you want a distinctive custom pool room we recommend incorporating a retractable roof or large glass sliding doors to give you that outdoor feeling in the summertime. Your Calgary custom home builder can help you design unique window and door options.

We recommend subtle lighting that gives off a nice ambiance, nothing too bright. Underwater lighting is also recommended for visibility and safety. We have seen unique underwater lights that can be set to any colour you would like, depending on your mood!  In your custom sauna area, diming waterproof pot lights will give you that relaxing feeling.

Add Your Personal Style to Your Custom Indoor Pool and Sauna Room Design:

Your custom home build should show off your unique personal style, even in your indoor pool and sauna! Some fun ideas to consider:

  • Sauna doors: Technology today allows you to install unique glass doors that transition from translucent to opaque with the switch of a button.
  • Sauna material: Consider the material you would like to use inside your sauna. Do wood walls and seating match your style? Tile? Marble? Or a combination of materials? Your Calgary custom home builder can accommodate many moisture-resistant options.
  • Sound system: Your Calgary custom home builder can help you incorporate a sound system indoors or outdoors in your custom pool and sauna design.
  • Entertainment area: The pool is a perfect place for entertaining whether it’s indoors or outside. Building an entertainment area allows you to accommodate guests and family. Options to consider include; a bar area, ample seating space with lounge chairs, a water slide, or an outdoor kitchen. Bring all your unique ideas to your Calgary custom home builder.
  • Mood: Let your indoor pool give off a ‘mood’. Do you want an atmosphere that makes you feel like you're outdoors? We recommend unique stone or wood walls with earthy colours and indoor plants. Something grand and luxurious? Consider a beautiful statement ceiling. Something whimsical? Play with colours and incorporate unique decor. Whatever mood and style you want to give off your Calgary custom home builder can help you.

A custom indoor pool or sauna is a great way to spoil yourself in your custom home build. Your Calgary custom home builder can work with you to create the perfect space to match your lifestyle and personality.

If you are considering building a custom pool or sauna room and want your design to truly shine, contact Sunset Homes today.

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