Things you need to know before Building your Custom Home in 2023 

Published March 29, 2023.
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Are you looking to build your dream home from the ground up but don’t know where to start? 

Choosing to design and build a luxury custom home that is tailor-made for your family and needs is an exciting undertaking, but there are a lot of moving parts you’ve got to manage in the process. 

As professional Calgary custom home builders, we’re all about bringing your dream home to life and helping you get your project off the ground faster. We’ve put together this handy guide of the things you need to know before starting your custom home build in 2023 so that you can make informed decisions and keep your build seamless. 

A Calgary Luxury Home Builders Guide to Building Your Custom Home

Working as custom home builders in Calgary means we have seen a lot of dream homes come to life. At the heart of the most successful projects is someone who has done their due diligence and research, as this equips you to make the best decisions for your home. Check out The Sunset Experience so you can learn more about how we build out custom homes!

Understanding the Cost

Building a home is a big-ticket expense, and we help you plan carefully to ensure every part of your custom home build is within budget. Having a detailed understanding of your

budget, priorities, and goals will help keep costs lower. You don’t want to take out a bigger loan than necessary for your home, and having a clear, itemized budget will help avoid this. 

Additionally, Sunset Homes as your custom home builder make sure that all contractors involved in building your new home are properly licensed and insured; you’ll avoid lengthy legal headaches down the road. Learn all about the cost of custom home construction in our essential guide.

Determining Your Must-Haves

Before we start any construction work, we need to determine together what must-haves will be included in the plans and design of your custom home. 

Do you work from home full-time so having large, floor-to-ceiling windows in your office is a must-have? Perhaps you have kids, so having an outdoor pool or play area is near the top of your to-have list. 

Consider aspects such as outdoor living spaces, built-in amenities, and other features that are important to your lifestyle. Your must-haves impact the rest of your home’s design, so identifying them early can be a big help. 

At Sunset Homes, we will guide you through the whole selection process; if you want to learn more about it check out our Tips for Making Selections.

Choosing Location & Lot Size

Location and lot size are two of the biggest factors to consider when designing and building your custom home. Consider what distance you’re willing to commute, the school districts you’d like to be close to, and the type of neighborhood you’d like your home to be in before purchasing land. 

Are you willing to compromise on lot size for location? Or vice versa? All of these questions need to be answered before you begin building your custom home, as you can’t change them after. 

The lot size determines how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and additional rooms you may have. You may need a larger lot size if you’re looking to add special features to your home, like a hot tub, additional garage, pool, indoor garden area, etc. 

Finding The Right Builder

Finding the right builder for your project is one of the most important steps when it comes to construction projects like this one since they will be responsible for bringing your vision into reality. 

We at Sunset Homes, as a great custom home builder, take a you-first approach to the project, ensuring your wants and needs are prioritized throughout the process and high-quality work is delivered on time.

Each of the above need to be considered before you start building your custom home. Beginning a luxury custom home project is exciting yet daunting, but with the right planning and some research, you’ll be well on the way to your brand-new home in no time. 

We are here to help you every step of the way – contact us today for more information about how we can make constructing your custom home a smooth process. We look forward to helping you turn your dream home into a reality. 

Ready to build your new Luxury Custom Home? Contact Sunset Homes today.

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