Pre-Rough In Walkthrough: What to Expect During Construction

Published March 23, 2023.
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Building a custom home in Calgary is an exciting journey, and at Sunset Homes, we are committed to making the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. One of the key milestones in the construction process is the pre-rough in walkthrough.

In this blog post, we will take you through what to expect during this stage of construction and how we work with our homeowners to ensure everything is up to their standards.

What is a Pre-Rough In Walkthrough?

The pre-rough in walkthrough is a crucial step in the construction process where we review the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical rough-in before the rough ins are fully completed. This inspection ensures that all the necessary wiring and piping are in place and correctly positioned to meet the design specifications, and meet our homeowner’s expectations.

What to Expect During the Walkthrough?

Before the walkthrough, we will schedule a meeting with our homeowners to explain the process and answer any questions they may have. During the walkthrough, our project manager and trade partners will guide the homeowners through the house, pointing out the locations of the electrical and plumbing fixtures and discussing any potential changes that may arise and accommodate these changes if feasible.

How to Prepare for the Pre-Rough In Walkthrough?

Before the walkthrough, we recommend that our clients familiarize themselves with the design plans and specifications. This will help them understand what to expect and ask questions during the walkthrough. It is also essential to communicate any changes or modifications to the original plan, as this can affect the construction process and timeline.

What are Some Items to Check Prior to your Walkthrough?

●   Interior designer spec sheets for electrical and plumbing fixtures

●   Electrical layouts to confirm locations on site

●   Furniture layout to make sure you have any electrical and data points in the most important locations

●   Mirror selection to ensure placement is coordinated with the sinks and fixtures

●   Hardware location to confirm backing for it on site

●   Take a look of your floor plan to refresh your memory

Learn More about The Pre-Rough In Walkthrough with us

At Sunset Homes, we take pride in our work and strive to deliver the highest quality custom homes to our clients. The pre-rough in walkthrough is a crucial step in the construction process, and we work closely with our homeowners to ensure everything is up to their standards.

By working together and communicating openly, we can deliver a home that meets our clients' expectations and exceeds their dreams. As Calgary luxury home builder, we are committed to making your dream home a reality.

Ready to build your new custom home? Contact Sunset Homes today.

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