Custom Home Builder Tips For Making Selections Part 1

Published March 14, 2018.
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Once you have decided to build your Calgary custom home, the most exciting part is to customize your home. The selection process plays a significant role in the customization of your new home and, at Sunset Homes, we want you to enjoy the process, and also to stay within your desired budget. As experienced Calgary Custom Home Builders, we understand that for some homeowners making selections can be a difficult stage, and we want to provide as much information and guidance as possible to help you make the right choices for your Calgary custom home.

Basic Selections for Your New Custom Home

As professional Calgary inner city home builders, we know that there are some selections that require our clients to visit our suppliers and touch and feel the materials to get a better idea of what they will choose for their homes. Either when you are building your new custom home or embarking on a major renovation on your Calgary home, you will have to choose options such as cabinetry and countertops, flooring, colours, stairs, building materials, and plumbing and lighting fixtures. Through the construction process, there will be more selections to be done, such as your appliances, landscaping, and so on. But all of these selections may also be made through our construction management software; you can learn more about it in our article What is CoConstruct and How Does it Help During the Building Process.

How to Prepare for the Selection Process

One of the best ways to organize your ideas is to use a platform such as Houzz or Pinterest to organize your wishlist and style, check out more about how to use these online resources when planning your custom home or major renovation with your Calgary home builder. When building or renovating with Sunset Homes, our team will be there for you and will guide you through the process. Another great option at this stage is working with an interior designer that can help you translate your ideas and style into your new custom home.

Selecting your Cabinets, Countertops, and Flooring

Among the essential items to choose for your new custom home, your cabinetry, countertops, and flooring play an important role. Depending on your needs and your style, there are plenty of options to choose. When thinking about cabinetry, keep in mind that it is preferable to maximize space, that storage space becomes handy in every room, and you still want your cabinetry to make the room look incredible.

One of the most visited places in your new custom home will be the kitchen, and if you choose an open concept floor plan, then your kitchen will catch the eye of all of your guests. You can opt for options like tall cabinets, big counter spaces, adding a cabinet cutout installed in a drawer, hidden spice racks, and built-in pantries. Learn how little details like your kitchen hardware can create the exact style you want for your custom kitchen. For your kitchen and bathroom countertops, we always suggest considering durable options that also give you the exact look and style you want. Granite and Quartz are our go-to materials for countertops, we have made a comparison of these two options in our article Three Interesting Things to Consider When Selecting Your Kitchen Countertops.

When selecting flooring, there are many options available. Most of our homeowners look for functionality and great looking choices. Our homeowners preferred options are carpet, tile, and wood, depending on the purpose of every room.  Wood flooring is one of the favourites for the main level. Calgary home builders have two main options for hardwood flooring, solid hardwood floors and engineered wood floors both made from different materials. Check out here the easiest way to maintain your hardwood floors.

Get ready to make your selections, check out part 2 and part 3 of this blog series.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Prepare to make your selections by saving and organizing your ideas and discuss with your custom home builder the most durable and suitable options to match your style.

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