The Importance of Using Quality Building Materials

Published July 27, 2012.
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When you start your custom infill home building project, you will want to choose a reputable company to design and construct your new home, and it is important to be sure that they are using quality building materials throughout the process.

The first step you should take to ensure that you contractor or builder uses high-quality material is to do some research.  Make sure that your contractor and their team has extensive experience in constructing the type of home you’re looking to build. Ask if you can visit some completed projects and get a feel for the quality of materials and workmanship used in those homes.

You will then have to decide if you are looking to build a home with green and energy efficient materials. You will find that most reputable home builders will give you a choice of green products that will help your home become energy efficient.

Using quality building materials whether or not they are green certified or energy efficient is essential for your long term investment and safety. There are many green products on the market today that are both beautiful and functional. Many green products that are environmentally friendly are also energy efficient in your home making your initial investment pay off in the long term.

For building materials like windows, it is especially important to choose a high quality product. Windows stream in ultraviolet light into your home, which can fade flooring and furniture. By choosing an energy efficient window, you can block out some of the harmful rays and at the same time, the quality of the windows will help reduce heat loss in the winter and keep in cooler air in the summer.

Insulation is another product where a good quality is preferred.  High quality insulation will help retain heat in the winter and decrease energy demands on your heating and cooling systems. You may also wish to consider other types of insulation available such as acoustic insulation or fire retardant insulation.

The wood used in the framing of your new infill home is another important consideration. Using  properly treated wood products such as BluWood can prevent fungus, mold and wood ingesting pest infestations. Not only are you using a superior building material, but you are also protecting your health and safety.

Excellent roof construction can provide significant long term savings when using quality materials. A roof can account for up to 50% of a home's total surface area, so this is one place to spend a little more money making sure it is done right. The use of quality roofing materials is imperative to ensure it is durable, and has water tight protection. If quality materials are not used, this can cause significant damage on your investment in a custom built home.

Sunset Homes works with all of our custom infill home clients to choose suitable products that are durable and safe throughout the building process.  We are proud to build quality, energy-efficient homes in Calgary.

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