Why You Should Build Green

Published April 6, 2012.
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Why Choose an Infill Home Over a New Development?

Why You Should Build Green

Green building means your next home can be energy efficient.

Creating an energy efficient home is not as hard as it seems. Just by making the simple decision to build your house greenly, you are halfway there. It all begins with a thought, which leads to your new energy efficient home. Look to the experienced team of Calgary Infill Builders, Sunset Homes, when considering green building.

Sunset Homes is a member of Built Green Canada and getting their EnerGuide certification from Natural Resources Canada. For now, we maintain an EnerGuide rating of 80+, which means your next home can be labeled energy efficient.

Any combination of green initiatives can make a difference, and you will be a proud homeowner knowing that you are making that difference with your tankless hot water system or heat recovery ventilators. Something as simple as dual flush toilets and compact fluorescent bulbs may seem like an invisible step, but company coming into your home will take notice.

Here are just a few initiatives that Sunset Homes is taking to help our environment, and get you into to your new Energy Efficient home:

  • Compact fluorescent bulbs
  • 2 lb spray foam insulation
  • Energy Star windows
  • Use of recycled materials
  • Recycling facility on kitchen
  • A tankless hot water system
  • Dual flush system on toilets
  • Heat recovery ventilators

The benefits of green building range from competitive costs for materials, higher value/resale value of your home and most importantly, healthier life for you and your family. Make sure to ask your general contractor at Calgary’s Inner City Builders, Sunset Homes, about the additional benefits to building an energy efficient home.

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