Choosing Upgrades for Your New Home to Suit Your Lifestyle

Published August 14, 2012.
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Choosing Upgrades for Your New Home to Suit Your Lifestyle

Choosing Upgrades for Your New Home to Suit Your Lifestyle

During your custom infill home building process, you will have to decide what type of materials, fixtures, and appliances will be used in your home. Depending on your budget, you will have to decide which specific areas of your home to upgrade to increase both the value and functionality of your home. Remember, it's your home, so choose upgrades that you think you will enjoy most! Here are our suggestions for great upgrades to make during your custom infill home build:


If you love to cook or spend a lot of time entertaining in the kitchen, this is one place you will want to spend money upgrading. Durable and fashionable high-end appliances, beautiful countertops and cabinets are all upgrades that will increase your home's value while making it an enjoyable place to cook and spend time with friends and family.


Choosing the right flooring for your home will not only have a big impact on the overall look of your custom infill home but will also add value. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a variety of flooring types to suit your lifestyle. If you have kids and pets, you will want to choose a durable type of hardwood or ceramic flooring that can withstand stains, scratches, dents and other types of wear and tear that come with having a busy family.


A relaxing bathroom is always a great addition to a master bedroom. If you enjoy luxurious bubble baths, it's worth upgrading the bathroom. Why not include a Jacuzzi tub and a rainfall showerhead to unwind and relax at the end of a long day? If you're going to be sharing your bathroom with someone else, opt for dual sinks and mirrors so there's room for everyone.


The possibilities for upgrades are endless when it comes to your backyard. From patios and gardens to pools and hot tubs, you have a lot of options to incorporate upgrades into your backyard design and landscaping. Consider your family's hobbies when choosing upgrades for the backyard - would you like a basketball court or a play area for the kids? How about an outdoor kitchen for summer barbeques? The backyard is a place where you can really express yourself.

Environmentally Friendly Upgrades

For eco-conscious custom home owners, there are a number of environmentally friendly upgrades you can make during the home design and building process. Energy efficient windows, plumbing fixtures, and proper insulation will help to save you money in the future and help save the environment. You may also want to consider using recycled materials in your building process. Energy Star rated kitchen appliances are also another great choice to keep your home green.

Your General Contractor at Sunset Homes can help you decide which home upgrades best suit your lifestyle. Contact us today for more information about Calgary custom infill homes and how we can help you create your dream home!

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