Sunset Homes, Re-building Communities one Infill at a Time

Published December 12, 2016.
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Calgary Custom Home Build by Sunset HomesSunset Homes, Rebuilding Communities one Infill at a Time

Infill homes in Calgary are spaces within an urban environment where land has been rededicated to a new construction. At Sunset Homes, your inner city home builder, our infills have become the best way to contribute to the revival of Calgary’s inner city communities by maximizing established areas in which modern amenities are accessible. At Sunset Homes, as Calgary infill builders, our main goal is to be a part of community smart growth.

There are many advantages that come with building infills that will benefit our communities. The locations of our inner city infills are ideal to avoid long commuting hours and to be able to enjoy the attractiveness of the city lifestyle. Also, infills activate our communities, bringing more support to local businesses, contributing to the development and refurbishing of local services and recreation areas.

In the building community, there is a shift happening towards infills and these have become convenient and popular for living in areas close to the downtown core. Two beautiful examples of Sunset Homes inner city infills are Hillhurst and Marda Loop, where you can get views of the downtown skylines. If you are considering our infills, our article 9 Items to Consider Before You Build Your Custom Infill Home might be of perfect guidance.

Are you ready to be a part of our community development and revival? You can build your own infill with us. Contact Calgary’s premium inner city builder and get more info about all our options for you.

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