Including Home Automation to your Dream Home

Published December 8, 2016.
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Including Home Automation to your Dream HomeIncluding Home Automation to your Dream Home

The Internet of Things (IoT) has also become a key feature to include in your Custom home. Home automation solutions are being requested more frequently everyday by homeowners, and we at Sunset Homes,  Calgary’s bespoke infill builder, decided to put together some aspects for you to take into account when planning to custom build your dream home.

The concept of home automation has evolved in the last decade and it is not as exclusive and expensive as it was before. Actually, it is being included more frequently by custom builders in Calgary and requested by homeowners to be able to have houses that fulfill both aesthetic and functional needs of the owners.

Home automation has evolved from “on and off” control of devices to scheduling your appliances and monitoring through the internet all technologic devices you have at home. If you decide to include home automation to your new custom build you could be able to control anything in a simple and relatively inexpensive way.

For example, you could program and control the heating and cooling systems, and lighting, to save on electricity while you are not at home, or when certain conditions are triggered. This becomes a clear advantage for energy saving and efficient living. You could control the windows or blinds to adapt to the outside weather and light, set cleaning and cooking devices, preset laundry, or have fresh coffee as soon as you wake up.  Also, there is the possibility of having an inexpensive security system connected to your mobile or tablet.

Are you ready to have a smart and more efficient home? Home automation can be included at many different levels according to your needs. At Sunset Homes, your inner city home builder, we can provide you with guidance regarding home automation and we can adapt it to your dreams.

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