3 Types of Custom Homes Found in Calgary’s Inner City

Published December 20, 2016.
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Calgary Custom Home Builder Sunset Homes3 Types of Custom Homes Found in Calgary’s Inner City

When you are finally ready to invest in your custom home, you may find yourself surrounded by many purchasing or building possibilities. Looking at all the housing options there are, one of the first decisions you need to make is the kind of place you need.

Sunset Homes is proud to be one of Calgary’s best inner city custom home builders. We specialize in Single, Semi-detached and, Attached homes. But what are the differences among all these options and how will you know what is the most suitable option for you and your family? In the end, the type of house in which you will invest, will depend on your personal needs.

Single or Detached Homes are structures that stand alone and they are not connected directly to any neighbor. They usually have big yards and are the best option to a big or numerous family. One of many qualities is the sense of privacy they offer. This housing option is the most spacious one, although it could be the most expensive and with the highest budget needed for maintenance.

Another choice would be a Semi-detached Homes, this housing option enters in the single family residence kind, although it’s still connected or attached to only one direct neighbor. That means you only share a common wall and a small yard, keeping privacy.  Semi-detached homes are larger than attached homes and are less expensive to maintain than detached homes.

Finally, Attached Homes, some of the most common attached homes are condos, triplexes, fourplexes, townhouses or apartment buildings. Technically, an attached home contains multiple housing units in it. The best quality of attached homes is that they are more affordable than any other housing kind. Also, you will be part of a community; usually utilities expenses are shared within the community, therefore this housing option is excellent for small families. On the downside, you might not have a yard or you would have to share it and you have limited space as attached homes are connected to your neighbors on each side.  This type and semi-detached homes are usually more noisy but thanks to Sunset Homes’ Building techniques the noise is virtually zero.

Do you want more information on any of these housing options? At Sunset Homes, we can guide you to select the right inner city home for you and your family. Contact Calgary’s Custom Home Builder and get more info.

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