Is a Finished Basement Right for You?

Published May 10, 2017.
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Nowadays, the basement has become a room that means more than storage, as you plan to build a new custom home, you will have to decide whether a developed or finished basement is convenient for you. This decision might depend on the purpose of this new home, if it is a custom home for you and your family to establish and spend your future there, or it can be a new investment you are embarking on to sell shortly. Developing your basement also influences the cost of your investment, for that reason we have prepared a list of benefits you can get from a developed basement.

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Adding more living space to your home

It is true that in a home, underground spaces have a lower value per square foot than above ground areas. Nevertheless, finishing a basement offers more living space that can be used for many purposes. This living space adds value to your home and opens new opportunities for your family to enjoy more activities at home. For example, you could use the basement space for adding a gym, game area, bar or wine cellar, or having guests.

Investing to generate income

Even though not developing your basement might be a good option for your homes or future property buyers, taking the decision to develop your basement into a rental unit may translate into an excellent way to generate income and recover part of your investment. Developing your basement has demonstrated to be one of the preferred renovations and is the one that could generate the best Return on Investment (ROI).

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Maintaining your home's style and design

If you opt for building your new dream home with a developed basement, you might find it easier to keep your home's style and design. Developing when first building can mean that you will have the same homebuilder and that your design is coherent. Additionally, it will help you avoid investing more time in the future on a renovation.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Having your basement fully developed when building your custom home or having your basement developed on a major renovation could create more living space, storage and entertainment space for you and your family. This could be an excellent and appealing characteristic that increases your income through renting.

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