3 Essential Items to Keep Your Mudroom Organized and Maximize Space

Published May 18, 2017.
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When planning a custom home, one of the best things is that you get to customize your home to your needs and to select all the items you want for your home. Many homeowners question themselves about the importance of a mudroom, where should it be located (back entrance, side door or main entryway), and also how to create an appealing and functional space. Mudrooms serve as a transition room, and its primary purpose will be to store items you take outside your home, especially items used often.

Originally, mudrooms are thought to store your coats, bags, and boots. Nevertheless, many homeowners have included in their mudroom design a unique space for their pets' bowls, incorporated storage space for their outdoor and sports equipment, and some have even combined their mudrooms with their laundry rooms. Draft an idea to what is best for your needs and discuss it with your home builder and designer. Mudrooms usually take up a small part of your home and planning your mudrooms design can play a great role in keeping it organized in the future. Sunset Homes, Calgary's bespoke home builder, has created a list of must haves for your mudroom to keep it clean and organized.

Maximize Space with these Items

Include hooks to secure outerwear, bags, backpacks and other items of your day to day. If you install hooks at two levels, you will be able to maximize space and visualize your items better. Some of our homeowners have adapted their design to have their mudroom cabinetry running up to the ceiling, thus, creating more storage space for seasonal items and leaving the easy to reach space for the everyday items. Think about including many shelves and you can use baskets to organize and hide things in every shelve. Also, plan to have some drawers added to your design to store many items that you don’t want visible.

Go for a Built-In Bench

Adding a built-in bench in your mudroom is an excellent solution to having a place to sit and being comfortable while putting on or taking off your shoes, as well as it provides more space to put your belongings and you could incorporate even more storage space underneath.

Essential Flooring Elements

Your mudroom is called such because it is the place where all the dirt from outside will concentrate. Many homeowners have expressed that they still envision their mudroom as a stylish and clean place that matches their custom homes design and keeps the luxurious look. A very good idea for this high-traffic area is to have tile flooring; this flooring option will make the cleaning a lot easier. Finally, adding a weather-resistant rug will also help with dirt and mud control in seasons like winter.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Maximize your mudroom space with items such as hooks, shelves, and think about up to ceiling cabinets. Add a built-in bench, tile flooring, and a very resistant rug.

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