3 Things New Homeowners Need When Moving In

Published May 8, 2017.
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If you are ready to move into your new custom home, or near the time, it is a good moment to start planning and making a list of all the things you will need. Your new home is a blank canvas, a new opportunity to create a pleasant environment that you and your family will enjoy for the next years.
At this point, if you are building a custom home, you already know all the details, measurements and rooms your home will have, and you have most likely selected the colours of each room. So, the next step will be furnishing and giving the final touches. This could be a nice entertaining task for you.
If you created ideabooks on your pre-construction phase, they could be very useful for choosing furniture, and other items that you will need when you move to your new custom home. Take a look of some of the things to add to your list for when you are ready to move to your new home:

Furnishing essentials

Among the many things you can include in your home, the main item to add to your list is furniture, and this will apply for every room in your home. Although it might look simple, the list can become vast, so account for the essentials.
With the open concept and modern home designs, the kitchen has transcended from a place to cook and eat to the main space for having family time, socialising, and entertaining friends. For your first months, you will need some kitchen essentials like basic cookware, glasses, cups, garbage cans, cleaning materials, and appliances. Ask your home builder if they include appliances and if they are energy-efficient. Next to your kitchen will be your main living room, select a comfortable and stylish sofa where you can sit and read, or watch tv and relax.
The most important piece of furniture for your home as soon as you move in will be your bed with good and comfortable pillows and bed linens. Your bedroom will be your prime place to relax and recharge your energy. Don't forget about beautiful lamps, bed tables and a nice alarm clock. Sometimes ordering furniture can take from 6 to 12 weeks to arrive, take this into account to order your essentials well in advance.

Outdoor entertaining

Your new home needs all the perks for enjoying nice times and good weather with your family and friends. Choose durable furniture for your patio, backyard, or deck. You could pick comfortable chairs, benches or even a couple rocking chairs with an outdoor table. One of the nicest additions for outdoor entertaining will be a barbeque grill. You can enjoy it on sunny summer days with your friends and family.

Essential tool kit and repair items

Your new home will require some maintenance, installing items, and also, seasons will require for you to adapt some things at home. Keep in mind having some useful tools are beneficial such as a hammer, screwdriver, wrenches, tape measure and wood glue. All of these will help you in the most unexpected moments. Be prepared for winter with a couple of snow shovels and salt for ice. Ladders will always be useful; you could pick a big one for the outdoors for replacing shingles, and a smaller one for you indoors for accessing tall pantries and changing light bulbs.
Consider having your lawnmower and don't forget your garden kit; you will need a garden hose, a trowel, a cultivator, shears, and a pair of gloves.
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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

In your needs list for your new custom home, make sure to include the essentials for your kitchen, a very comfortable bed, outdoor furniture, and items to have fun such as a grill or your garden, and don't forget a toolkit for home maintenance.

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