Important Aspects to Consider When Selecting Your Kitchen Countertops

Published July 25, 2018.
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Part of the process of building your new Calgary custom home is to select every material and detail. Among the many rooms in your home, the kitchen has become one of the most important because it is a versatile area where families do many activities. As experienced Calgary custom home builders, we understand that during the selections process, choosing the right material for your kitchen countertops can feel like a daunting task. Not only do countertops have to be functional or your new custom kitchen, but they have to last long and add to the value of your new home in Calgary as well.

Before making any big decisions, you should ensure you have a look at samples of materials like concrete, plastic laminate, wood, and ceramic tile that are being used to build kitchen countertops. However, in our experience, natural stones and solid surfaces are still the most preferred materials for the majority of modern custom infills today.

As professional Calgary infill home builders, our go-to materials for modern and luxurious countertops are quartz ―which is a fantastic solid surface,― and granite, the number one natural stone. Both of them offer the significant advantage of style and durability, and that is why we recommend them. If you are in the process of selecting your kitchen countertops for your new custom home, or for your kitchen renovation, Sunset Homes suggests you take into account four essential aspects before choosing either quartz or granite.

How Do They Look and Feel

We are visual beings, so it is only natural that we like things that look and feel good in our homes. On the one hand, quartz has a mesmerizing surface and provides a lovely texture. On the other hand, granite looks incredibly chic and has little or no seams. The most significant plus of both materials regarding look is that they are available in a variety of tones like brown, blue, black, white and even red or hot pink.

When deciding between quartz and granite, you may want to take into account that quartz is a manufactured stone that mimics the look of natural stone. It is actually a combination of minerals and resin. Granite, on the contrary, is a natural material, which means each slab is unique and this is appealing for many homeowners as there are no identical granite countertops. If you are already more inclined towards granite, Calgary home builders may suggest you take it to a whole new level by polishing the stone for a darker and shinier surface or leave it matte if that is your preferred look.

How Durable Are They

Granite and quartz have different characteristics, and that is why they are preferred over others. Granite is a very popular countertop surface as it is an extremely durable hard stone. Granite is also heat, germ and scratch resistant. This option can handle the daily wear and tear that takes place in kitchens.

Quartz is manufactured by crushing quartz stone and mixing it with resin, so it is the perfect blend of natural and manmade materials. This results in the creation of a versatile and long-lasting material which is ideal for kitchen activities. Quartz actually beats natural stone in toughness, so it is usually considered the durability winner under normal kitchen conditions.

Lastly, with both granite and quartz, Sunset Homes recommend you keep an eye on edges and corners because they can be chipped with massive impacts. And if you have, or are planning to have, children at home, general safety advice with all countertops is to go for rounded edges.

How Do They Need to Be Maintained

As Calgary's bespoke home builder, we always explain to our homeowners that the most significant difference between granite and quartz when it comes to their maintenance is that granite is a porous surface, while quartz is not.

This means that a yearly sealing is required for granite for it to keep its good looks. Also, it is vital that all spills on granite, especially acids, sodas, wine, and oils, are wiped up quickly to avoid liquid filtrating through the natural stone and causing stains. Quartz, especially engineered ones, are practically maintenance free because they do not absorb liquids.

How Will They Impact Your Budget

Perhaps the most critical part of choosing between granite or quartz for your perfect countertop is their cost. Quartz is generally less costly than granite, while granite costs usually depend on a variety of aspects such as where they are quarried from, their colour, and the finish you choose to go with. Logically, rare tones and veining of both materials have a direct impact on their final costs.

Even though granite can be more costly, it adds a lot of value to your new custom home. As professional Calgary custom home builders, we always recommend our homeowners to choose countertops that not only add value to their new homes, but that also enhance their lifestyle.

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Too Long Didn't Read (TLDR)

When choosing between quartz or granite countertops for your new custom home, it is essential that you consider how the material looks and feels, its durability and maintenance requirements, and whether it fits within your budget.

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