Calgary Custom Home Builder Tips to Choose your Kitchen Colours

Published July 18, 2018.
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As the old saying goes, the kitchen is the heart of a home. It has become that perfect space for conversation, family gatherings, and entertainment, where cooking is just one of the many activities that take place. When planning your new custom kitchen and making selections, one of the most enjoyable moments is picking the colour scheme. But our experience as Calgary infill home builders has shown us that it can also become one of the toughest processes due to the number of possibilities available. Now that you know the basics of the ideal kitchen, take a look at our tips to select our colour scheme.

Colour is a Very Personal Choice

Colour preferences are unique to every homeowner, so choosing the right shades for your kitchen is a very personal decision. Usually, the colours we feel attracted to are influenced by our personality and character. As experienced Calgary custom home builders, we suggest you try a colour scheme that complements the general design of your new Calgary custom home. This is especially important if your kitchen has an open concept and you can see your living room and other areas.

Kitchen’s Surroundings, Floors, and Backsplash Are Essential

When picking the color palette for your kitchen, you may have to consider the shades you have chosen or would like to select for the surrounding areas. Calgary custom home builders will remind you to pay particular attention to the rooms and spaces that you can see while standing at every corner of the kitchen because they will need to match and blend smoothly visually.

At Sunset Homes, as experienced Calgary home builders, we also suggest considering the colour of your flooring, countertops, cabinetry, cabinetry hardware, and backsplash. These elements can also help you lighten up your kitchen or make a bold statement through colourful patterns and mosaics. Take a look at our article cabinetry hardware, to learn more about it. Lastly, try to make the most of natural light and remember that the amount of light you let in your kitchen will dramatically affect the look of your colour scheme.

Neutrals Will Never Go Out of Style

Classic neutral colour palettes are the number one choice of most homeowners and home builders in Calgary when it comes to custom kitchens. The most significant advantage of going with neutrals is that they provide a clean, light and airy atmosphere that is perfect for a cooking environment. In this category, you will find all shades of white, grey and taupe. These hues can help you to have a consistent look through the whole kitchen area and will result in a smooth transition to the living room.

A hot trend among custom home builders in Calgary during the last years has been the use of sandstone shades in the kitchen. As most homeowners start and finish their day in this area, these tones provide a soothing effect that promotes calm. But using neutrals in your new custom kitchen doesn’t mean you have to pick just one colour and stick to it. You can combine different shades of the same colour and play with natural and artificial lighting to cause any desired effect. If your perfect kitchen includes wood accents, you may want to consider hints of rich brown that are neutral too but provide a lot of character to any space.

Glossy Metallics that Will Make your Kitchen Shine

Even if you go for wood, black or white cabinets, quartz or granite countertops, your appliances will probably have a glossy finish of their own. Most homeowners pick stainless steel finishes that will give a polished look to their kitchen. But appliances are not the only way to give your kitchen that sleekness. Home builders in Calgary can combine different gold or silver paint shades to give elegance to any kitchen.

Another fun way to play with metallics is to choose shiny lighting fixtures or to add metallic details to cabinets that will make your kitchen shine. As experienced Calgary inner city home builders, Sunset Homes suggests considering a silver, brass or copper pendant over your kitchen island or peninsula that will become the main centerpiece of the room. And if you would like to make an even bolder statement, you could choose a brilliant chandelier that will catch the eyes of all your guests the minute they come into your kitchen.

Vibrant Colors for a Bold Look

It is truly amazing what a coat of paint can do for your new custom kitchen. If you feel more attracted to vibrant tones, the kitchen can become the perfect scenario for adding some character through a colour that matches your own personal style. When it comes to colourful kitchens, many homeowners tend to go for greens and yellows combined with neutral tones of grey. Yellow in kitchens is usually buttery, and it is said that it stimulates appetite, such as red tones, while green provides a sense of freshness and nature indoors. Other vibrant colours that can be a fun addition and give a modern look to any kitchen are blue and plum shades.

If using such vibrant hues in your kitchen’s walls or backsplash feels like too much, you can always introduce bold colours through decoration items, rugs, flowers, or even stools. Home builders in Calgary will encourage you to play with colours this way as you can quickly update these elements over time according to your taste and the season of the year. Another plus is that these colour accents will undoubtedly trigger compliments among your guests.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

When picking your new kitchen’s colour scheme, Sunset Homes encourages you to consider neutral, metallic, and vibrant tones until you find the perfect option for you, without forgetting the hues of your kitchen’s surroundings, floors, and backsplash.

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