All You Need to Know About Your Dream Kitchen Layout: An Island or a Peninsula?

Published July 30, 2018.
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When planning the construction or renovation of a new custom home in Calgary, one of the areas that probably gets more attention and causes the most doubt is the kitchen. An essential part of any kitchen construction or renovation is the layout planning, as this will define the overall look and functionality of your future kitchen.

As professional Calgary inner city home builders, we believe that one of the most dramatic aspects of any modern kitchen layout is the addition of an island or a peninsula. Whether you go for one or the other, this structure will probably become the focal point of the whole kitchen. That is why it is of fundamental importance that you check all your options before making the final decision.

Choose the Option that Better Serves You

In our experience as custom home builders in Calgary, most homeowners dream of a kitchen island, but that does not mean that peninsulas are outdated. In fact, peninsulas are a better fit for many kitchens, depending on their size and style. As usual, the final decision depends on your lifestyle and the activities that you want to do in this area. Sunset Homes has created a list of aspects you should consider when deciding whether an island or a peninsula is the perfect addition to your dream kitchen layout.

What is The Difference between an Island and A Peninsula?

When planning your kitchen, you must first understand the basics of layout and design. This includes clearly differentiating between the island and the peninsula concept. On one hand, an island is a free-standing counter space. This means it has four open sides for free traffic. On the other hand, a peninsula is a counter space that is attached to a wall or another structure, so it only has three open sides.

What Are your Kitchen Needs?

In our experience as Calgary custom home builders, the kitchen is certainly a multi-purpose room. But there are as many activities devoted to the kitchen as homeowners. That is why this is one of the rooms that requires more attention in the planning and design stages. Many homeowners use their kitchen as a guest entertaining area, others to spend time with their family, to dine, to work on their laptop, or even for their kids to do their homework. This means that the perfect kitchen depends entirely on which is the right fit for you and your family.

When it comes to choosing between an island or a peninsula, Sunset Homes, Calgary custom home builders, recommends you ask yourself how much actual working space you will need both for meal prepping and for any other preferred activity. An island usually offers more counter surface than a peninsula so each person can occupy a space simultaneously without feeling crowded. For example, while you are preparing dinner on one side of the island, you could engage in a face-to-face conversation with your children, who are sitting on the other side.

What Are the Characteristics of a Kitchen Island?

The preferred option among our homeowners, a kitchen island offers you the greatest advantages of space and style. It helps you both maximize the use of your space while giving your kitchen a stylish and inviting look. As experienced Calgary inner city home builders, we know the visual impact of a well-designed island. You can even add pendant lamps over your island to give a luxurious vibe.

But the most notorious plus of a kitchen island is that it helps you to break up a large space without sectioning it off. This is especially valuable if your new home in Calgary has an open floor plan. Additionally, an island offers you plenty of counter space and multiple workstations. Another interesting choice by many homeowners is actually placing the stove directly on the island, which allows the cook to fully interact with their guests. When choosing the perfect layout for your new kitchen, ask your chosen Calgary home builder to also include in your island built-in spaces and drawers for your appliances and kitchen utensils.

And What about Peninsulas?

In general terms, peninsulas and islands have the same benefits. They will both give you extra storage and seating space, and counter surface. But you should take into account the available space before going with one or the other. In the same way, islands contribute to a better flow of open floor plans, peninsulas are the perfect element to include in shorter areas. Any reliable Calgary infill home builder will help you to choose the perfect peninsula counter to avoid the most usual problem when dealing with kitchen peninsulas: The trapping effect.

The greatest advantage of peninsulas is that they serve as a natural divider between the kitchen and the eating space. So, if you are inclined towards a bit more privacy while cooking, a peninsula may be perfect for you. Another bonus is that peninsulas usually have built-in drawers next to the seating area, which comes handy when working or doing homework.  A reminder to consider the kitchen’s triangle ―sink, stove, and refrigerator― when deciding if your peninsula will create a U, a G or an L shape. Learn more about the kitchen triangle in our article Calgary Custom Home Builder Basics for the Ideal Kitchen. 

You Can Have It All

The good news is that if you actually have plenty of space for your kitchen, you can easily combine the beauties of both worlds: You can choose an island and a peninsula! The most advisable way to do this is asking your trusted Calgary custom home builder to help you to combine an L-shaped peninsula and a stylish island that match well together.

The combination of both elements will give you all the space you need for cooking and working while having enough room for a spacious breakfast or drinking bar. The most important aspect when combining an island and a peninsula is finding the perfect balance between room for people and room for storage, without forgetting the aesthetic purpose of every luxury kitchen.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

If you are planning your dream kitchen layout, you are probably wondering if you should go with an island or a peninsula. On one hand, an island helps you enhance your open floor concept while a peninsula is a perfect choice for reduced spaces and for sectioning. On the other hand, if you have plenty of room, you can actually combine both elements to maximize space and functionality.

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