How to Choose a Floor Plan that Suits Your Family

Published August 27, 2012.
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Choosing Upgrades for Your New Home to Suit Your Lifestyle

How to Choose a Floor Plan that Suits Your Family

Today’s custom home builders are faced with a multitude of choices –ranging from the ideal layout, upgrades or elevation. The most critical decision that affects your everyday enjoyment of the home is often the layout itself.

It’s always important to recognize which floor plan suits your family needs – both now and in the long-term. Below are a few criteria to consider when selecting your ideal layout for your Calgary infill home:

Open Concept or Not?

Open concept floor plans are a great choice if you tend to host large get-togethers and enjoy entertaining guests.  This layout helps make even modest homes appear larger. It also allows for more family bonding opportunities- with shared spaces for all.

For parents with young children- a kitchen open to living areas can be quite handy for keeping an eye on the kids while preparing meals. It also provides some flexibility in choosing how to utilize areas for family, dining or living.

On the other hand, if your living arrangement consists of multiple families (i.e. in-laws, etc.) or if you value a quiet environment, an open concept floor plan may not be suitable for your needs.

More privacy and less noise is a benefit of a more compartmentalized floor plan. To offer further privacy,choosing a formal living room adjacent to the front door might be preferable over a wide foyer with an open living/dining arrangement. It offers you the ability to immediately seat and welcome your guests without having to lead them through your entire home. Another honest question to ask yourself is how neat and tidy can my family keep the home? If it’s a constant struggle to keep it up, an open concept layout may not be ideal.

Bedroom Layout: The size of your family and the age of its members will largely dictate your bedroom layout needs. If your children are young then you would benefit from having your bedroom close to the for peace of mind, security and easy access for the kids during the inevitable “bad dreams”. However, if your children are teenagers or young adults then having the bedrooms separated from each other offers more privacy for everyone involved. If there is a family member in the home who requires more accessible features, then it’s convenient to have a bedroom with a full ensuite bathroom on the main floor – enabling their mobility and removing stairs from their daily routine.

Single Story vs Multistory: This preference largely depends on the view and privacy you seek. A single story custom infill home provides convenience and easy mobility for those concerned. It also allows for a quiet environment with no overhead noise. A multistory plan however provides nicer views of the outdoors and offers more privacy and individual space for family members.

Outdoor vs Indoor Living Space: The breakdown of a lot can largely be thought of as indoor vs. outdoor space. A family should take into account how much community green space is already within walking distance. With Canada’s varying climates you want to make sure you strike the right balance between indoor and outdoor to avoid unnecessary maintenance. If your family prefers indoor entertainment then you may be surprised as to how much outdoor space your family actually requires- so choose accordingly!

Carefully consider your family’s preferences and lifestyle prior to selecting a floorplan. Luckily Sunset Homes takes pride in offering its customers a variety of floorplans in order to meet their individual needs. If you have further input on what you’d like to see in our floorplans we’d be happy to hear from you!

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