Be the First to Know: Four Home Decor Trends for 2013

Published September 17, 2012.
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Things to Look for In a Calgary New Home Builder

Ever walk into a show home and say “Wow” when you see how modern and trendy the decor looks? Well, guess what? You can create a sleek current home design in your own living space as well. As Calgary’s custom home builders, we like to keep you up to date on all the predicted home decor trends. We not only want to build your dream home, but also help you make it your own unique space. Everyone wants a home they love and can be proud of.

Let’s start with flooring. Don’t be surprised if in the next few years you see carpet completely make it’s way out of the home. These days, it is used spareingly at best. So what is on the horizon? You may be surprised to find out that even wood is beginning to take a backseat. The new trend in floors for 2013 is “Bamboo” and “Cork”. Yup, cork.

Cork and Bamboo flooring are ...

• Environmentally-friendly
• Health friendly - hypoallergenic
• Durable and its textured pattern disguises dust
• Comfortable under foot and is warm to the touch
• A natural noise reducer and insulator

These types of flooring can also enhance and bring an elegant feel to virtually any room in your home.

The next two trends for 2013 is bringing a pop of color to your walls. Whether you do it with a bright, bold paint or wall decal, you can add a bit of “wow” to your Calgary infill home.


• Earth tones are a mainstay when it comes to wall color, but try choosing shades that have yellow or red undertones, especially if you are a bit hesitant to go too bright
• Reds are timeless and will warm up your living space
• Home owners with a more classy palette can try indigo, navy blue or royal blue

Wall decals:
• Mirrored wall decals are on the fast track to replacing simply hanging a mirror

• Easy to put up and and affordable choice
• They quickly add a pop of color, but are easy to remove when your taste changes
• There is no shortage of creative designs and they are in arms reach

Finally, our fourth home decor trend for 2013 is 3-D wall tiles. Interesting, right?

First introduced in Europe in 2010, 3-D wall tiles are now making their way overseas and onto the walls in North America. These tiles can change the feel or mood of a room instantly. Best of all? They are very affordable, yet appear expensive. Will you be one of the first in Calgary to try them out in your new custom built inner city home?

If you are interested in learning more about up coming home decor trends, don’t hesitate to ask your general contractor at Sunset Homes. It is our business to make your infill or inner city home the best it can be, for you and your family.

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