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Published April 30, 2021.
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Calgary inner city home builders have seen an increase in home office construction as Covid-19 has caused families to situate their work remotely. The increased demand for home offices in custom homes and major renovations provides a great opportunity for functionality and design. It’s all in the details! Have you considered making your home office functional for multi-use? Have you considered storage, lighting, location, sound-blocking, and connectivity? There is lots to consider when building and renovating your home.

Multi-Use Spaces in Home Office Design

If multiple family members are needing to utilize a workspace it is possible to build a space that can accommodate everyone. Incorporating movable walls in your new build or renovation plans can help create functionality. These types of walls allow you to push them where you want them, configuring any type of space you need for productivity among all household members. You could also consider tables that fold up and secure against the wall to free up space when needed. Or design a built-in that functions as a desk in the guest room but folds down into a bed when guests arrive.

Storage in Your Custom Home Office

Consider how much storage space you will need in your home office. If you have a large amount of paperwork on an ongoing basis you may want to consider options that accommodate this. Floating shelves are a stylistic option for storing your papers and office equipment. You may consider custom built-ins to help you organize your space. For the book lovers out there, a Calgary custom home builder can help you create the custom built-in bookshelf of your dreams! A unique feature we’ve seen in custom homes is a corkboard wall allowing the ability to pin all your important notes right on the wall.

Lighting Your Custom Home Office

Make sure your office has plenty of natural lighting. It has been proven that natural light helps to boost mood, productivity, mental and physical health. If you want to be able to control the level of light coming in throughout the day, you may want to consider shutters. Calgary custom home builders can also help guide you in picking the perfect windows and fixtures to provide enough lighting for your workspace.

Location and Atmosphere in Your Design

If you will be spending lots of time in your home office it is important to consider where it is situated in your household. If you are easily distracted, consider where your high-traffic areas may be in the household, and perhaps consider an area where you can be in a quiet place.

Do you want a room with a view? Consider positioning your home office on the side of your home that is facing a picturesque landscape. The atmosphere of your home office will add to your productivity. While you’re at it paint your walls a color you will love! It’s all about creating a room that helps you get down to business.

If it’s in your budget, a garden office could be brought into consideration. A trending design we’ve seen is independent dwellings for offices that are located within or next to your garden. These offices often consist of features that allow you to fold or slide doors so that there is no barrier between you and the outdoors. The possibilities are endless for creating the right atmosphere!

Building an Office with Sound-blocking and Echo Control

If you find working from home to be distracting consider implementing sound-blocking and echo control features. Did you know that you can use soundproof air vents? Calgary custom home builders can install sound mazes in your vents to reduce the amount of noise that passes through while still maintaining airflow in the room. Install double or triple pane windows to help with outside noise. You can also install soundproof curtains to help you further conceal outside distractions.

To allow for further soundproofing, perhaps consider carpeting your office, or incorporate large rugs into your design. You can place a deadener mat underneath your rug if your home office is above a noisy room to help reduce sounds further. There are so many options! Do your research and reach out to a custom home builder for help.

Connectivity (Cat 6/5) in Your Home Office

While you may think Wi-Fi is the way to go for your internet, you should still consider installing Ethernet in your home. Your desktop computer will thank you for it! Ethernet is a very reliable option, works well in multi-story homes, and provides considerably faster network connectivity. Consider this option if you are looking for speed and reliability and if you have multiple household members using the internet at one time.

There are so many options and things to think about when building a home office in a new build, or incorporating one in a major renovation. Take the time to consider what you need and reach out to a Calgary custom home builder; they can help you design the office of your dreams!

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The demand for home offices in custom home builds is greater than ever. Consider multi-use spaces, storage, lighting, location, atmosphere, sound-blocking, echo control, and connectivity.

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