The Importance of a Home Office in Today’s Environment 

Published April 28, 2021.
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Transitioning to a Home Office Environment

With the restrictions in place worldwide from Covid-19, countless businesses have had to shift to working from home. Traditionally, it was thought that offices were a place for productivity and culture. The transition to remote work has shown us that collaboration can still be achieved even if it is virtually and from home. It has been reported that many employees enjoy the removal of their long commutes, and have found ways to be more productive with their time; finding greater work and life balance. The greater time spent at home has brought the spotlight on the importance of having a designated workspace.

Offices were once an afterthought in many homes, but now we have transitioned to a time where highly functional workspaces in your Calgary custom homes are essential. There are many benefits to a home office and the demand and future outlook for home offices in the construction industry looks like it will continue to rise.

Benefits of a Home Office in your Calgary Custom Home

  • Savings: Car, transportation, parking, and food expenses will drastically decrease when working from home. These savings will add up and allow you to invest in yourself; giving you the flexibility to put money into that home project you’ve been waiting to do!
  • Productivity: A study by Stanford analyzed 16,000 individuals and their work productivity over 9 months, it was found that working from home increased productivity by 13%. This may be due to a quieter, more convenient work environment.
  • Increased Mood: Your home office can be designed the way you want it! The atmosphere of the room can help boost your mental health and mood.
  • Customizable Space: You can design the office space of your dreams, incorporating everything you need into it.
  • No Traffic: Working from home gains you the commuting time as personal time; meaning more time with your family, exercising, or working on your favorite hobby!
  • Positive Environmental Impact: A recent study showed remote work due to Covid-19 means 3 million tons of greenhouse gases are avoided and pollution as a whole has decreased. The decreased use of air conditioning, heating, and lighting has also made great impacts on sustainability measures worldwide.

Home offices can be beneficial to your pocket, mood, productivity, and focus; Calgary custom home builders can help you build the office or workspace of your dreams.

Demand and Future Outlook for Home Offices in the Construction Industry

As families adjust to multiple members of the household working from home, there has been an increased demand for two offices in a custom home, where traditionally there has only been one. Offices are a personal space, having multiple people working out of one space just doesn’t cut it. There has been an upward trend for more office spaces in new custom builds and major renovations. Another interesting trend is the shift to personal projects - people are investing in their homes. There is a strong focus on areas in the home accommodating the homeowner's specific needs.  There has been a slight increase in custom home sizes to accommodate for the new need for home offices, gyms, and functional living spaces. Since more time is spent in the house, people are making their spaces more functional and accommodating. According to a survey by the American Institute of Architects, 68% of architects reported that home offices were requested by home builders whereas in previous years it was only 29%. Calgary custom home builders can expect to see this demand continue as families require multiple workspaces due to businesses remaining remote.

If your at-home workspace involves a bed or couch, it’s time to think about investing in yourself! A Calgary custom home builder can help you renovate your home to create a lovely workspace. If a new build is in your budget, a home office or two can be included in your layout. It is likely that remote work will continue in the years to come, as some businesses have reported they will stay with this platform even post-covid. Now's the time to think about your home office!

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Covid-19 influenced the shift to working from home. There are many benefits to a home office such as cost savings, productivity, increased mood, customized space, no traffic, and positive environmental impact. The construction industry has seen a demand for more office space in custom home builds and major renovations.

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