Deciding on a Name for Your Custom Home with Sunset Homes 

Published May 5, 2021.
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At Sunset Homes, we believe every custom home build deserves a name! We love when our homeowners are involved in all aspects of their custom home build; creating a name for each custom home helps create intention, meaning and provides/gives a personal touch. We love to display the progress of our projects on social media and our website, which helps us align with our values of transparency. It is also a way for future homeowners to see the way we work and gives design considerations and inspiration. Having a name for each custom home helps in adding recognition and distinctiveness.

Your custom home is the primary setting for the story of your life. Many of our clients consider their builds to be their forever homes where they can actively age, which is pretty significant. Naming your home will add sentimental value while you age in place. Or, it may make your home appear more valuable to future buyers as well. Did you know that in the United Kingdom this practice is very familiar? Well over a million homes have their names are part of their mailing address.

It may be daunting at first thinking about what exactly to name your project. We suggest breaking the process down into a few categories. Consider your passions, interests, and sentimental things to you; write down three items for each list. These may be things like being passionate about travel so you write down a few of your favorite places. Or you're interested in books, perhaps use some unique names from there. Sentimental items may be a family member's name or where your mother grew up. If you’re still stuck, consider things that surround your lot, are there any geographical features nearby?

Another suggestion is to consider a suffix that describes your home such as Chateau or Farm and then simply add “The” to it. Such as The Little Chateau or The Farm. Both are lovely names and describe the homes effortlessly, while the naming process itself was very simple.

Some of our other past projects include; The Charlotte which was named in honour of the newborn baby in the family. Musikal was named with respect to the client’s Scottish heritage. The Zion was named after the homeowner’s favorite place - Zion National Park in Utah. This is your opportunity to put a unique identity into your home, so have fun with it! The team at Sunset Homes would love to hear your considerations for your project name.

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Choosing a name for each custom home allows our clients to add personality, vision, and purpose to their new build. We recommend choosing something significant or sentimental to you.

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