Custom Home Building Tips for Designing a Specialty Art Studio or Craft Room in a New Build 

Published June 11, 2021.
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When building your custom home, you have the opportunity to build a space specifically curated to you and your lifestyle. Have you thought about including a specialty room in your custom home design that speaks to your passions and hobbies? For the art lovers out there, why not incorporate a room that is entirely dedicated to you?

Things to consider in a custom art studio or craft room include; outlets, ventilation, layout,  location, and special features.

Think Outlets in Your Custom Arts and Crafts Room:

When designing a custom room that is dedicated to making a mess, you need to consider where to position your outlets so you aren’t restricted in your creativity! A Calgary custom home builder can help you determine where you will need outlets to be located to help you with any task at hand.

If you are going to have a big work table or countertop consider outlets in the middle of the floor, or ones directly built into your table or countertops. A custom home build or major renovation allows you to be particular with the small details that you will thank yourself for later!

Ventilation is Key in Your Custom Arts and Crafts Room Design:

Depending on the method you use for your arts and crafts, you may want to consider the ventilation in your custom specialty room design. Options to help include;

  • Windows: Consider incorporating large windows in your custom specialty room design. Not only will they help you with the lighting, keeping them open while painting will help with the fumes.
  • Exhaust Fan: The types of fans you usually see in your bathroom could be installed as an option in your custom art room. Your Calgary custom home builder can work with their HVAC subcontractor to help you incorporate a system into your design.
  • Air Purifier: This unit can be bought after your custom specialty room is built to help with the air quality in your art room. Another option is your Calgary custom home builder incorporating an air purifier built-in to your HVAC system in your design plans that works throughout your entire home.

Designing the Layout of Your Custom Arts and Crafts Room:

Get creative with the design of your custom arts and crafts studio, this is your space! A few layout tips include:

  • Flow: You will want to be able to move effortlessly around your custom arts and crafts room. Your Calgary custom home builder will be able to design a functional and accessible layout for you. Consider foot traffic, counter and shelf height, outlet height, and the location of your electrical switches.
  • Counterspace: Think about the type of work you will be doing and the equipment you will be using in your custom arts and crafts room. Some great options for your countertop space include; butcher block, stainless steel, or a laminate option. Your Calgary custom home builder can help you select the perfect options for your custom design. We love the idea of a huge island with wheels so you can move it wherever you want, while also having countertop space along the walls of your custom specialty room.
  • Lighting: You want to be able to see what you’re doing! Your Calgary custom home builder can help guide you through choosing the perfect lighting so you aren’t limited in the time of day that you can work on your art. Natural lighting is considered the best illumination to work with, you want your lighting to replicate the light produced by the sun.
  • Built-ins or wire shelving: Storage is essential if you are working with multiple mediums of art. Your Calgary custom home builder can set you up with custom built-ins for your storage and for showing off your completed work. Don’t want built-ins? That’s fine, there are wire shelving options as well for you. You are the boss when it comes to your custom arts and crafts room!

Ideas for the Location of Your Arts and Crafts Room in Your Custom Home

We have seen arts and crafts rooms located in many locations in the household! A great spot is utilizing the space above your garage, allowing a quiet, private space for you to focus on your hobbies. Have you considered building a detached, insulated shed for your custom arts and crafts room? This is a unique idea that could allow you a better view of the natural landscapes surrounding your home, to spark your painting imagination. Perhaps you want your arts and crafts room to be featured in the main part of the house so your family and guests can see your beautiful work. If you only need a little bit of space, consider incorporating your arts and crafts room into a multi-use guest bedroom, that way space is always being utilized in a functional way. Bring your ideas to your Calgary custom home builder and together you can find the perfect location in your custom design.

There is a lot to think about when designing a custom specialty room. At Sunset Homes, we are here for you every step of the way and would love to create a truly unique space just for you!

If you are considering building a custom arts and crafts room and want your design to truly shine contact Sunset Homes today.

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When building an art room with a Calgary custom home builder consider your needs and style. Incorporate windows, ventilation, counter space, lighting, and built-ins.

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