Calgary Custom Home Builder Tips for Making Selections Part 3

Published May 6, 2018.
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Custom Home Builder Tips for Making Selections

When building a custom home in Calgary, one of the most exciting stages of the process is getting to select every item for your new home. All these choices will allow you to create that one of a kind home you envision. On the first part of this blog series, we explained that after planning your new custom home design, the following step is selecting all the items you want to include to your new custom home adapted to your style, preferences, and needs.

Although every item in your new home can be completely customized, we divided the selection process into six major categories. First, we included your countertops, cabinets, and flooring. Then, your interior colours and stairs. The final category has to do with selecting the plumbing and lighting fixtures for your new custom home in Calgary.

Selecting Plumbing Fixtures

Calgary CUstom home Builder

Nowadays bathrooms have become a significant room in our homes. We plan our master bathrooms to be the most relaxing place at home, and the style and details you choose for your bathroom will contribute to creating your ideal master bathroom.

When you decide to build your new home with experienced Calgary custom home builders such as Sunset Homes, you have the chance to select the plumbing fixtures that match your style better. You will be choosing many items like your bathroom sink, faucets, and toilets. You will also be selecting your bathtub, shower stalls, and other details. When you choose plumbing fixtures, you will also be in charge of deciding on your kitchen sinks and faucets.

Important Considerations for your Custom Home Style

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One of the most important considerations when selecting your plumbing fixtures is the style you want to give to your custom home. Are you planning for a modern or a traditional home? If you prefer a modern style, you will find plenty of options with neutral chrome and nickel finishes, and you can consider straight line fixtures. If your new custom home has more of a traditional style, curvy fixtures will match your decor better, and you can think about selecting bronze or copper finishes. Furthermore, try not to overlook the functionality of your choice. Take into account if the plumbing fixtures you are choosing are intended to be used by your children, your guests, or if they will be part of your dream bathroom.

Make a Statement with your Lighting Choices

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Selecting lighting for your new custom home can be a subtle way to make a statement with your home style. If you desire a bit of a luxurious feel, check out these four useful lighting tips for your inner city home.  Additionally, the right lighting fixtures can help to make a small room look bigger as well, and can improve the functionality of a space. For example, you can maximize the use of space in your kitchen by including light to the areas in which you will be prepping your food such as your countertops and adding lighting to your pantries and cabinets as well.

Get ready to make your selections, check out part 1 and part 2 of this blog series.

Ready to build and start selecting all the details for your new custom home? Contact us today! At Sunset Homes, we will prepare a free quote for your new home and provide you with the right tools to enjoy every step of the custom home building process.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

As experienced Calgary custom home builders, at Sunset Homes, we know how vital your selections are for you. When choosing lighting and plumbing fixtures, try to maintain functionality while accentuating your custom home style.

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