Four Built Green Options to Build Your New Custom Home in Calgary

Published May 17, 2018.
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Building a custom home can be an exciting project for you and your family. A custom home provides you with the opportunity to select every item to make your dream home come true. Your selections include items that will be part of your home style such as stairs, flooring, windows, etc. However, you also can select your building materials and their quality and environmental impact as well.

When considering different builders and comparing their process, you might want to take into account the impact generated to the environment while building your home. As experienced Calgary custom home builders, at Sunset Homes, we are part of the Built Green Program which focuses on increasing efficiency during the building process, reducing environmental impact, and building homes that improve the homeowners health, including a custom home design that allows the efficient use of quality building materials and resources, such as energy and water.

Benefits of Building a Green Home

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When custom home builders implement sustainable building practices, they also contribute to enhancing the homeowner’s health and comfort in their new custom home. Furthermore, by using advanced building technologies and quality building materials, your new custom home will have higher durability while causing less of an environmental impact.

Adapting your custom home to a greener standard provides many benefits. Many homeowners think that green building can be costly, but adding sustainable features to your custom home design can contribute to your home value. Sustainable building also contributes to reducing waste streams and improving the quality of air at home. Check out more about the importance of indoor air quality on your new custom home here. 

Four Options to Build your New Custom Home in Calgary

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The Built Green Program is divided into four levels for detached, semi-detached, and rowhouse units. If you are considering to obtain a Built Green Certification for your new custom home in Calgary, ask your custom builder for guidance on every category and how you can adapt these requirements to your desired budget. In that way, you can meet your budget and still build your home within a sustainable practice and design.

Your home can be Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Built Green certified and will have to meet specific criteria regarding energy efficiency. Some of the requirements include selecting your home’s insulation with materials such as Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), installing a zoned heating system or a programmable HVAC system. Additionally, choosing Energy Star appliances and lighting also counts for every category. Learn more details about the requirements here.

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In regards to the building materials used to build your new custom home, the Built Green Program rewards the use of efficient materials specifically for framing and other materials that improve your home’s thermal performance. Recycled materials for your overhead door and carpet are encouraged, as well as the installation of certain kinds of flooring such as hardwood flooring. Check out the Advantages of choosing Engineered Hardwood Flooring for your new custom home. 

Another benefit of building your Calgary custom home to be Built Green certified in any of the four options is the 15% automatic mortgage loan rebate eligibility through the Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corporation and Genworth Canada.

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Ready to build your Calgary custom home? Contact us today! At Sunset Homes, we will prepare a free quote for your new custom build and provide you with the right tools for every step of the custom home building process.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

With Sunset Homes, Calgary custom home builders, you can build your custom home to be a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Built Green Certified reducing environmental impact and improving your home health and quality.

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