Calgary Custom Home Builder Tips to Keep Your Budget on Track

Published April 30, 2018.
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Are you thinking about building a new custom home in Calgary or renovating your home to your exact needs? When you are considering your options, time and cost become two essential factors to take into account. Our homeowners' biggest fear is keeping track of their costs to be able to stay within budget and still build their dream home or dare to make that renovation they have been dreaming. At Sunset Homes, as experienced Calgary custom home builders, we have prepared a couple of tips to make your custom-building experience better and to keep your custom home building budget on track!

Keep your Costs on Track by Creating the Ultimate Wishlist

As we all know your new custom home location is a significant factor that will influence your home value, cost, and even the kind of design your new custom home will have. Once you are sure about the right location for your home and you have your lot, the next big step is creating the best wish list for your new custom home. Why is having a wish list so important? This tool will help you and your custom home builder addressing what is more important to you and your family, to cover your needs and wishes, and it will help you while making decisions and adapting your dream to your budget. Sorting out the essential items or must-haves will help you set a realistic budget. Check out our custom home builder tips for creating the ultimate wish list for your new custom home in Calgary.

Understand all the Costs Related to your Building Budget and Get Exact Prices

Most of the time homeowners and homebuyers concentrate on cost per square feet. Nonetheless, many pieces are part of the budget when you build a custom home. For example, you will have to take into account the hard costs and soft costs. Understanding what is included in your budget will allow you to make informed decisions and adding or removing items from your wish list.

When you are comparing builders, make sure you can get every item included in the potential cost of your new home or renovation. At Sunset Homes, we work with our online construction management software that provides you with access to your building project at all times of the custom home building process. This tool provides you with an excellent way to keep track of every decision, selections, and your budget. Having access to your budget will allow you to consider your options while making selections and deciding on the best choices to get the look you want for your new home and still not go over your desired budget. Check out our tips for making selections here and here.

Consider All the Options

The best part of building a custom home is getting the chance to decide on every single item in your home. Nevertheless, sometimes the process may feel a little daunting. At Sunset Homes we want to provide you with the best experience, and we want to guide you to achieve the look you envision for your home. Having excellent communication with your builder and design team will also be of great help to learn and study how your selections can impact your budget. Working with an interior designer can also be helpful in choosing the best materials to make your new dream home come true.

Ready to build or renovate your Calgary custom home? Contact Sunset Homes today; we will prepare a free quote for your new custom build or major renovation and guide you through every step of the custom home building process!

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Avoid going over budget and keep track of your costs when building your custom home by following these three steps: Create the ultimate wish list that allows you to understand your home's must-haves. Keep track of all of your decisions, selections changes, and options, and account for all of the items that are involved in the building process.

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