5 Important Things to Consider When Comparing Calgary Custom Home Builders

Published April 24, 2018.
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In the initial phase of the custom home building process, selecting a custom home builder is the first critical task towards making your dream custom home come true and is also key to having a positive building experience. At this point, you are already sure that building a custom home in Calgary is the best option for you instead of buying a home, because building a custom home adapts best to your family needs, or because building a great investment property is a project you envision.

The next step is comparing Calgary custom home builders, and there is a wide variety of Calgary builders, but to be able to find the right builder for your unique needs there are many things to consider. At Sunset Homes, we think that in the same way building a wish list for your custom home is extremely useful to understand your general idea of the perfect home, creating a builder comparison list can be essential when interviewing custom home builders in Calgary. This list can guide you to ask the correct questions and find the best builder for your construction project. Take a look at this list that we have created to help you in the process.

Experienced Calgary Custom Home Builder

Of course, you will want a custom home builder that has proven experience, but also, it is essential to consider a builder that can use that experience to adapt your custom home design to your desired budget and your family needs. When you have an experienced builder, you will have plenty of guidance through the many decisions you have to make to build your custom home, such as design, selections, quality of your building materials, home location, effective lot use, among others.

Clear Construction Budget

Defining your construction budget is one of the primary concerns of many homeowners and homebuyers, and it is also key to having a good or bad construction experience. When building a custom home, many factors influence your budget, such as your desired square footage, the quality of your building materials, and also the selections you make for every item that will be part of your new dream home. When comparing builders, ask what items are included in the budgets you are presented with, and also ask your prospective builders if you will have access to see all quotes and invoices related to your building project. Learn more about our budgets in our articles Two Main Categories Associated with your Custom Infill Home Building Budget part I and part II.

Construction Schedule For Your New Custom Home

Having a clear timeline is always a plus when you are ready to select a builder for your new custom home in Calgary. Having a well-defined construction schedule with every milestone and stage for your building project, and possible delays will be key to having a positive experience. It is also important to consider living arrangements while you are building your home, ordering and delivering your new furniture, and planning your life for the following months. At Sunset Homes, we work with CoConstruct which allows us to maintain our clients informed of their construction schedule at all stages of the process.

Communication Through the Building Process

Having a good relationship with the builder you select is important, this will help create a less daunting experience, may save time for your selections, and it will probably make your custom home building experience more positive. Ask your prospective builders the frequency of their construction updates, if you will have a project manager dedicated to building your home, and who will be the right person to contact through the whole process. Furthermore, ask your prospective builder if you will have access to all the information regarding your new custom home.

Extra Perks to Look for in a Custom Home Builder

Being able to see the quality of your builder's workmanship can be of great help when comparing builders. Ask your prospective builders if you can see a completed home to be able to determine if that is the look, materials, and workmanship you desire for your new home. Additionally, having access to detailed reviews and references from previous clients can help you determine the experience your prospective builders have. Finally, check if your Calgary custom home builder has some of these must have memberships that can make them stand out from the rest.

Are you ready to build your Calgary custom home? Contact us today! At Sunset Homes, we will prepare a free quote for your new custom build and provide you with the right tools for every step of the custom home building process.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

When comparing builders for your new custom home, make sure to inquire about your prospective builders' experience, time management, communication, and the possibility to provide a transparent budget for your new custom home.

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