Calgary Custom Home Builder Tips to Plan your Luxury Master Bedroom

Published July 7, 2021.
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A guide for planning the perfect luxury master bedroom; consider a large amount of space in your custom home design for a master bedroom that allows divided areas for different activities. You will also find ideas for investing in luxurious beds and indulgent custom design items in this blog.

Building or renovating your home can be one of the most memorable moments of your life. That is why it’s important to get the experienced help of the right custom home builder in Calgary.

At Sunset Homes, we have extensive experience as custom home builders. We know that one of the most important rooms in any home is the master bedroom. Usually, homeowners have big expectations for this space and we get it! This is a place devoted to rest, relaxation, and sleep. It's a place where you can disconnect after a long day and can have the power to set your mood every morning. Such an important room in a house must never be neglected during a custom build or renovation process.

The current trend when it comes to custom master bedrooms is to make them luxurious and stylish! It is about making the most of a great space, turning it into your personal sanctuary, and customizing it according to your taste. This blog will give you some ideas so you can get inspired when creating your luxury master bedroom.

The Master Suite Trend for a Luxury Home

Utilizing the space in your master suite to serve many purposes is trending in custom luxury home construction. Meaning, your bedroom goes beyond just having room for a bed; you may have space for an ensuite and walk-in closet. You may want a fireplace to get cozy during the cold winter months.

Some homeowners are also opting to include a closed laundry area just next to their master bedroom to keep things neat. Others are devoting some space in their master bedroom to add a workspace. In other words, the trend is that master bedrooms are evolving into a second private living area.

The Split Master Retreat

Since the master suite retreat trend is here to stay, why not go the extra mile and have a split master retreat? Many homeowners are choosing a layout that allows having a luxury master bedroom suite with “his and her” areas that share a common space in between. The idea is to maximize the privacy of each one by creating separate personalized areas.

Each of you can have a private dressing room, home study, or even bathroom in the master bedroom.  Another remarkable trend is installing sliding panels in the space devoted to the bed. That way, one person can have extra privacy while the other is still up doing different activities in the master bedroom.

Right Size for your Luxury Master Bedroom

When it comes to luxury master bedrooms, make sure you devote a large area of your home to it. The best way to proceed is to create a wishlist of all the features that you want to include in this space without being conservative. Remember that this is an excellent opportunity to splurge on indulgent details and pamper yourself every day.

Ask your Calgary custom home builder how to make the most of the space you have in your property to have not only a super luxurious master bedroom but also a functional one. The idea is to pay careful attention to size, layout, and efficiency to create a soothing and harmonious space where you feel at ease and where you can relax and find inspiration daily.

Your Custom Home Builder Says it's All About the Bed

An essential item that you must think of is the bed, which is essentially the heart of any bedroom. Take into account that humans spend approximately a third of their lives in bed, thus the importance of picking the perfect one.

Consider the size of bed you want in your custom master suite and consider the support level; you deserve to feel like you're sleeping in the clouds! From there, select a headboard that gives you that luxury feeling you deserve. We love padded fabric headboards or grand wooden ones. Or, go bold and consider a velvet headboard! Savoir-style beds are the best ones as they are done with natural materials to provide superb luxury and durability. Your Calgary custom home builder can help you design the perfect master suite.

Go all out with your pillows and bedding! Comfort is key.  Fresh and hypoallergenic material will help give your bed that luxurious feel and comfort. The best option is Egyptian cotton, which will give you royal treatment every day.

Interior Design for The Perfect Luxury Master Bedroom

Logically, layout and design are key to create the perfect luxury custom master bedroom. When planning the perfect master bedroom, it is important to focus on the functionality of the space and details that fit each homeowner’s taste and lifestyle. Efficient storage is another must. Your Calgary home builder can recommend custom built-ins that add storage and style to your master bedroom.

Among the most intelligent design moves, we recommend having large floor-to-ceiling windows, so your luxury master bedroom receives natural light in every corner. Choosing glamorous lighting pieces, such as an indulgent chandelier or an impactful ceiling fixture. Also, remember the importance of table lamps to increase the luxury factor with shiny pieces that feature polished crystals.

Explore fun options with your Calgary home builder like dressing your walls glamorously with top-quality paint or stylish wallpaper. Did you know that you can even feature real gold applications? The possibilities are endless when working with an award-winning custom home builder like Sunset Homes.

If you are interested in learning more about choosing the perfect paint color for your master suite check out our blog about it. 

Must-Haves for a Luxury Master Bedroom

When planning your new luxury master bedroom, it is essential to create sections for the activities you would like to do in each space. Make the most of this opportunity to add a relaxing lounging area with stylish yet comfortable seating pieces. You can also create a reading nook next to your private fireplace and add an accent bench. Some additional luxury master bedrooms we recommend include entertainment centers with top-of-the-line surround systems, private decks, and balconies and spaces for personal hobbies.

As professional Calgary custom home builders, we always encourage our homeowners to create the luxurious space they have always dreamed of without any restriction. Everyone has personal interests and a unique lifestyle. It's time to go all out!

Ready to build your dream custom home? Contact Sunset Homes today! We will prepare a class 3 estimate for your project, and provide you with the right tools for every step of the custom home building process.

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