12 Things to Look for In a Calgary New Home Builder

Published November 26, 2012.
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Calgary Home BuilderChoosing an infill home builder to build your new home in Calgary is not a simple process.  When you think about it, you may end up living in this house for decades.  You will be creating memories with your family, and you may even pass it down to future generations.

So, it stands to reason that the builder you use must have some special qualities in order for you to give the go ahead to build your home.  Here are 12 things to look for:

1)       Relevant Experience

While it’s normal to want your home builder to have experience building homes, go one step farther to make sure they have ‘relevant experience’.  This means experience building the style of home you want, such as a custom infill home.

2)       Meets Your Budget

Budget is a killer of deals in all industries, and home building isn’t any different.  When you’re in the market for a Calgary new home builder, it’s imperative that you both see eye to eye on the budget.

3)       Professionalism

The nature and magnitude of the purchase means that you should only deal with builders that deal with you in a professional manner.  If they seem disorganized or show up late or speak to you in a disrespectful way, there’s probably a reason.

4)       Reputation

A quality home builder will be thought of highly in the online world and around the city.  Reputations can be tarnished from false accusations, but as long as you don’t just listen to one source, you should get the real information.

5)       Customer Service

Customers in any industry like to feel as though they are being ‘taken care of’ and that’s especially true with major purchases like a home.

6)       Team Player

Hooking up with a Calgary home builder is very much a team effort between buyer and builder.  It’s important that the builder understands your vision and concept and tries hard to accommodate you.

7)       Accessibility

Thoughts, questions and fears are bound to pop into your head from time to time, and it’s nice to know that your builder is accessible when this happens.  It’s also nice to know that you can visit the building site whenever you like to check on how things are going.

8)       Solid References

See that any builders you are considering give you a list of former customers that will act as references.  If possible get references that have had homes built that are similar to yours.  Visit the homes and ask questions to make sure these customers had a positive experience with the home builder.

9)      Versatility

It’s not a good idea to change your mind too often with something as monumental as a new home build, but it’s good to know that your builder isn’t completely closed off to the concept.

10)   Great Supporting Cast

It’s important to consider every element of your new home when choosing a builder, and to try and find a builder that uses competent professionals for every aspect of the project.  This includes plumbers, electricians, designers and others.

11)  Awards & Recognitions

You probably shouldn’t base your final decision on whether the builder has won a bunch of awards, but seeing they’ve been recognized for their work is certainly a bonus.  Ask when you first make contact to see if there are any awards on the trophy shelf.

12)  Personality

If a builder meets all of the professional requirements, the personality of the people you will be dealing with on a regular basis is one final thing to consider.  It’s true that a great home is your ultimate goal, but if you get along with the builder personality-wise, everything will go a lot smoother on the way there.

If you are interested in a custom Calgary infill home build, contact Sunset Homes today for a free consultation!

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