Custom Home Builder Tips to Maximize your Kitchen Space

Published August 16, 2018.
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In modern custom homes, one of the areas with most traffic is undoubtedly the kitchen. This is a space where many activities take place. That is probably the reason why it is sometimes difficult to keep it organized. Especially if you have a large family, you may have noticed that your kitchen countertops collect clutter in the bat of an eyelash.

During our many years as Calgary infill home builders, we have seen homeowners struggling with kitchen organization, and we have realized that the best way to tackle the problem is to maximize your kitchen space. In this way, you will make the most of every corner of your kitchen and will have plenty of storage and organization space.

As experienced custom home builders in Calgary, we always suggest that the best moment to consider the maximization of the kitchen space is the building and design stage. At this point, you can plan ahead and visualize which activities will take place in your future kitchen and how much space you will always need to keep it clutter-free. Today we have prepared a list of tips for you to check with your Calgary custom home builder and maximize your kitchen space to its full potential.

Get Creative with Organization Ideas

As professional Calgary home builders, our first tip for maximizing your kitchen space is to get resourceful. Logically, the way to make the most of your kitchen will depend on the type of cook you are and how you prefer to move into this space. For example, for many homeowners, it is essential to have easy access to plenty of pots while others enjoy displaying a luxurious set of knives in a magnetic strip. And what about baking lovers? A cabinet devoted to baking supplies becomes a must in these cases.

Some ideas to discuss with your Calgary inner city home builder to make your space more functional include adding a displayed wall-mounted pot rail, creating some nice shelf space to display your lovely cookbooks. Consider also going for wall cabinets that extend to the ceiling, choosing pull-out trash bins and pantries, and even having a mobile floating island that you can use for both counter space and storage. If you decide to go for a floating island, just make sure the wheels have locks for ease and security.

Check for Potential Storage Areas

Even if you feel like your kitchen has reached its full storage potential, look twice. There is always some blind spots homeowners miss that could help to maximize their kitchen space. And let’s be honest, extra storage space is always welcome when it comes to busy kitchens. Home builders in Calgary suggest you double the storage space of your pantry by adding smart organizers, expandable spice racks, small turntables, and rolling shelves for easy access.

Another spot that you can maximize in your kitchen is the space under the sink. You can use plastic containers or baskets to organize all those garbage bins and cleaning products. And what about your cabinets doors? As experienced Calgary custom home builders, we can assure this is one of the most underused spaces in the kitchen. You can make the most of them by installing hooks to hang dish towels and pot holders. Another hack is attaching an organizer to the cabinet door.

Make the Most of your Kitchen Corners

As the recent trend among Calgary custom home builders is extending the decoration of the whole property to the kitchen, sometimes the incorporation of large windows and eye-catching backsplashes can sacrifice wall storage spaces. While you probably have the traditional storage areas checked in your hacks list, chances are you have an unused corner in your kitchen.

A forgotten corner can quickly become both incredible storage space and a focal point with the right piece of furniture. The most important thing when considering maximizing your kitchen space with a corner piece is to make sure it matches the overall style of your kitchen elegantly and stylishly. Your Calgary inner city home builder can help you to select the best materials, colours, and dimensions to include a piece of furniture that blends smoothly with the rest of your kitchen elements.

Consider Adding a Corner Cabinet

At Sunset Homes, Calgary's bespoke home builder we are big fans of corner cabinets. Many homeowners believe this piece of furniture is too tricky, but the truth is that it provides a lot of storage space and can help you fantastically organize your kitchen. Another advantage is that it lets you have easy access to the elements you use the most while cooking without having to climb cabinets or getting on your knees.

Custom home builders in Calgary agree that the most essential feature of a right corner cabinet is easy to access. To have a really functional corner cabinet, we recommend you use pull-out trays and that you categorize elements when organizing them. You can include clear plastic or glass containers that let you actually know from distance which is their content.

Are you ready to maximize your kitchen space? Contact us today! At Sunset Homes, we will prepare a free quote for your new custom build and provide you with the right tools for every step of the custom home building process.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

If you are wondering how to maximize your kitchen space, as experienced Calgary custom home builders, we suggest you get creative and resourceful when it comes to organization hacks, check for potential storage areas, and make the most of your kitchen corners by using a functional but elegant corner cabinet.

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