Advantages and Disadvantages of Attached vs. Detached Garages

Published February 20, 2018.
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The importance of a garage can never be overestimated, they are used for housing our vehicles, can be converted to storage rooms and even workspaces, thus when setting up your new custom home it would only make sense to include a garage in the plan; however, the big question here is which kind of garage works better for your custom home and family. A detached garage or an attached one. Check out these pros and cons of an attached garage to help while making your choice.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Attached Garage for your New Custom Home

An attached garage is one that is connected to your new custom home, sharing one wall and featuring direct access into the house. During winter, it can be far more convenient to access an attached garage; to get to your car or storage space you do not necessarily have to leave the comfort of your home. It also helps you save money on HVAC, construction, and ventilation. It provides a useful workspace or a room where you can simply chill, because electricity, which already exists in the home, can easily be extended into the garage. Despite the great qualities found in attached garages, they also have some disadvantages. An attached garage may occupy or take a lot of space. As experienced builders in Calgary, we suggest asking your custom home builder and designer for guidance to decide if an attached garage is the best option for your lot size and home design.

Advantages of Selecting a Detached Garage for Your New Infill Home

Another garage option for your Calgary custom home is a detached garage, which is one that is completely separated from the home. Your detached garage can be a few feet away or several yards away, with its own individual walls and roof. The main advantages that detached garages offer is that they do not need much space. A narrow lot, which stretches far back towards an alley, is perfect for a detached garage, and you can maximize its use by including a patio, deck, or living space above it, thus adding immense value to your new Calgary custom home. Nevertheless, the main disadvantage of attached garages is accessibility to your home during bad weather.

If you still can’t decide which option is best for your new dream home, contact Sunset Homes! We will gladly prepare a free quote and give you more information about our custom luxury homes and major renovations.

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When deciding the best garage option for your new custom home, attached garages are conveniently inside your home, and detached garages can be more attractive aesthetically. Get your Calgary custom home builder’s guidance for the best choice for you.

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