Why Finishing Your Basement Adds Value to Your Custom Home

Published February 21, 2018.
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A question that often comes up with our homeowners and investors when building a new custom home, or even when planning a major renovation, is if finishing their basement is the right thing to do. Some homeowners do not see the value in finishing their basements, but here are some of the reasons why it can add value to your Calgary custom home.

Adding More Livable Space to Your New Custom Home

Finishing your basement can be an excellent way to improve the value of your new custom home because it would add a significant amount of living area to your new Calgary custom home. From the renovation point of view, an above-ground addition also enhances your home value, but adding space above-ground can be more expensive than finishing your basement.

When building a new custom home finishing your basement can attract homebuyers if you are building an investment property. On the other hand, if you plan to live in your new custom home, there are thousands of things you could do with your finished basement, from a shared space to a more personal space. You can also choose to rent it out and have a second source of income.

Basement Options that Increase Value

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One of our favorite ways of finishing a basement which has been known to increase value is finishing as a full walk-out basement. This would give it regular sized windows, thus providing it with a great deal of natural light, and taking away that feeling of dampness and darkness often associated with basements. It would also include a regular door through which you can access, a beautiful patio, and other landscape features.

A walk-out basement can be used as a library, family room, gym, rec-room, home office, playroom, library or even a bedroom. Simply put, finishing your basement increases your options for your new custom home because there are many things that a basement can be turned into – from an extra bedroom to a mini-theatre. Learn more ideas for your basement in case you decide to finish it.

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Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Finishing your basement would increase the livable nature of your new Calgary custom home and maximize your home’s usefulness at a far cheaper rate than having to add the same square footage above ground.

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